UCC Update 2

32 Blancs
Tonight I sit here and write to you completely overwhelmed by your prayers, support, and thoughtfulness (thanks for the Cokes Elias!)
Today, like everyday so far, so much of what is seen and experienced is about perspective.
But as I stand here typing, I feel completely inadequate to begin to encompass the perspective of all that is going on. Because, even though nothing here is done without others around, not a single one of us has the same perspective as anyone else. You see, we are 32 people sleeping in different conditions. And 32 people with different responses to the same food. We are 32 people with many different skill sets that take us to different parts of the community at the same time. So naturally, we are 32 pairs of eyes absorbing 32 different scenes. But at the end of another long day, we try to rectify our stories, as if we need to present something common for all of us to remember. I’m not sure what to present about collective perspective, but I am sure that these 32 Blancs could write volumes about what each of them saw, felt, enjoyed, broke their heart, and were surprised by. They would love to tell you about how present God is in Haiti, even before we got here. They would delight in sharing the joy they get in creating reasons for the children to laugh. They would be proud to tell you how they got so dirty today. They would want to say “merci” or thank you to a church body and parents or family members who love them enough to send them here. I think they’d even deep down want to tell you that they love you. But, tonight, they let me be the guy to try to communicate that to you, and I’m nowhere near qualified to give you that perspective. I’m just 1 of 32 Blancs.
Love y’all!
Andy Cassel

Ps I gotta say hey to my gorgeous wife Renee and beautiful daughters Ashlyn, Hannah, and Audrey. I love and miss you. Thanks for letting me be here!

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  1. Thanks for the note Daddy! We love you and miss you! We are excited to hear how God has worked in you. We are praying for all of you and hope these next couple of days continue to go smoothly.

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