Finishing The Summer Day 4…

We had some trouble getting the blog uploaded yesterday so here’s the blog from Monday July 22, 2013. Tonight we had our last night devotion on the beach so there’s no blog but know that the teams are doing great and getting ready for bittersweet goodbyes tomorrow. – Emily

Hello from Farrington Group—Breakfast was biscuits with peanut butter and plantain.  After breakfast Caitlyn, Megan, Alex, Shelby, Tori, Emilea, Colleen, and Dawn continued with our clinic projects. The medical clinic is completely packed up and organized for them to unpack when the new clinic is complete. Frank, Tim, Kyle, Chris and Ron continued building shelves for the kitchen storage area. They are finishing a couple shelves this evening and their project will be complete. During the morning time, we organized and cleaned the cafeteria area. After lunch we broke into small groups and went through town doing hut to hut visits. We invited people to come to the revival tonight at the mission. We also took fingernail polish and painted girls’ and ladies’ fingernails. Today when doing the hut to hut visits we went on the outskirts of the town. This is where more poverty exists. Each group had some really great and touching experiences. Ask us about our visits when we get back, each person has their own to tell. This was also a great time to get to know our interpreters. During our afternoon free time we enjoyed what may possibly be our last day at the beach. Many were using their goggles to find more sand dollars. Several spent some time at the orphanage before dinner.  We have the last night of revival going on tonight. Last night they drew in a pretty good crowd. It was amazing to hear the orphan children singing during the praise portion of the service. When the music would break you could hear their little voices. The last couple of days have been full of changing plans. As Colleen told us before we left, we have to be flexible. Regardless, we intend to have great stories to share when we return. Keep us in your prayers as tomorrow we will be traveling to a fishing village. Have a good evening!!!  Love—Caitlyn, Megan, Alex, Shelby, Tori, Emilea, Colleen, Dawn, Frank, Tim, Kyle, Chris and Ron J

Greetings from Haiti from the Rossville Mission Team!

Today we took a boat to another fishing village. We took three of our Haitian interpreters, two of whom are young ladies around age 17. We arrived at the village and played jump rope, soccer, football, and other games with the children. One Haitian man brought out his fishing net that he is making. It was a work of art to watch him weave this net. Kevin and Bob tried it but couldn’t get the hang of it. Before we left, we gathered the village and Kevin did a devotion and prayed over the group of people. They seemed very receptive of us. The boat ride back was less dramatic than the other one we took! We didn’t get wet on this one! In the afternoon, we had another self-defense class. 7 Haitian women showed up and really enjoyed it. They caught on real quick on the moves! They enjoyed watching Janell get out of situations that Bob was performing on her. It showed them they are able to get out of a dangerous situation no matter what. Giving them the confidence is a big morale booster. Then finally the chickens arrived on Sunday evening. We started building the coop Monday afternoon. We only got to build one because two Haitian men had already built two. Tuesday is when two families will come here to get the coops and chickens. There has been a revival going on here in the evenings, so our group had a devotion. We talked about how we feel about this trip and what we hope to take away from here. We all are doing well and learning so much from the people down here. See you all Thursday!

Kevin, Leanne, Jessica, Kyle, Eric, Jasmine, Bob and Janell

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