October is Coming!

October is coming!


Can you believe that October is right around the corner?

Fall is here with the leaves starting to turn, the chill in the air, and all our favorite pumpkin spice beverages/foods.

But guess what October also means?

It’s time for another round of October is for Orphans blog posts!

School is in full swing and as I’m getting settled into things, I’m ready to start up some prayer circle blogs again!

Like last year, I’ll be highlighting a precious kid from the NWHCM Mole orphanage each day and mainly as a call for sponsors to step up and partner with these kids, to become a part of their family tree of support.

So keep your eyes open for these upcoming posts this month and truly consider sponsorship through NWHCM as it is a way to impact a life and be family for the “least of these.”

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