A Spiritual Leader…

Today I want to pray for little Naomie! She is such a sweetheart, she is full of compassion and love for others. She has a huge heart that’s full of joy and it spills out and is expressed in her beautiful smile! Although she has faced trials and tragedies in her life, she is one of the most joyfully children I know and she has such a maturity and wisdom about her. She has taught me so much and her life has challenged me to live with more joy and faith.

As one of the older kids at the Mole orphanage, many of her younger brothers and sisters look up to her. And she is quite the leader! She loves to lead others in prayer and song and tell them about Jesus. She loves to sing and she is a great worship leader! She is unafraid to stand up for her faith and to share her talents by reading or singing in front of people. I love how this girl leads by example, through love and service to others, and how she is doing big things for God’s kingdom at such a young age.

I know God will continue to do great things through her example and her life as she grows up into a godly woman. I pray that Naomie will continue to grow in her faith, that she will become the woman God desires her to be. I pray she will always be open to the prompting of God in her life, that she will take time each day to spend with Him and listen for His still, small voice.

I pray that she will serve those around her in love and that her life will serve as an example of a truly committed Christ-follower. I pray that she will continue to point people to Jesus by her words and deeds. I pray she will never lose her courage, that she will remain to stand unafraid in the face of adversity or persecution, that she will boldly proclaim the gospel of Christ wherever she goes.

I pray that others will come alongside her and support her, to mentor her in her faith and help her grow. I pray that there will be those who feel called to reach out and love her and support her through sponsorship. She has room for 4 more in her family tree. Would you consider joining it? Check out Naomie’s sponsorship page here:


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