Women of Worth…

If I could share one thing with our ladies here in Haiti – it would be that they are worthy of the Savior’s love. So many of the women that we come into contact with feel they hold no value. They think they are not good enough. They think they don’t deserve the blessings God has for them.

Last week, Momma Gigi led 20 women on a 30-minute walk to Karenage where they visited 20 homes and invited the ladies who didn’t know Jesus to be apart of our discipleship program. We told the ladies they would have to come this Friday (today) so that we could take down their information, explain the program, and partner them with a woman from our established Mole group.

Our meeting was at 3pm. I walked over to the cafeteria at 2:45 fully expecting the place to be empty. To my surprise ALL of the ladies were already there!! And they were EARLY!!! In fact I had to get onto our Mole women for showing up 10 minutes late!

The women were very quiet at first. You could tell they were a little nervous and it didn’t help that I could not get rid of Sophie and Tippy (our dogs). I locked them up in the house 3 different times but they still found a way to come back. I guess they just really wanted to be apart of the discipling process.

Momma Gigi and I led the session today. We wanted them to know that each and every one of them  – are worth our time, they are worth our energy, and most importantly they are worthy in the eyes of God! We shared that they are royalty – the daughters of the mighty King! The women listened intently. Their eyes were glued to us and we really felt like their hearts were open as well.

Kenson and I took down their personal information. I found this process very interesting. I have filled out documents like this before  – not just with our last discipleship program – but when we’ve done surveys in surrounding villages. The women were interviewed one by one. When we asked what their biggest need was – none of them had an answer. Typically people will tell me they need a home, food, work, farm, etc.

This town has always been a difficult town for us to evangelize to because they are always begging for anything and everything. They can get pretty aggressive with it. This is also the same village where we watched frustrated mothers abuse their little children when they wouldn’t stop crying.

Yet when we gave them the chance to state their need before us – they were silent. Kenson and I would just look at each other confused. We actually tried to give them examples of things that they might need….. and nearly EVERY lady said whatever need our God wants to meet they will be grateful for.  (WOW – what an interesting response.)

Once we filled out the paperwork we introduced the ladies to their prayer partner. Our Mole ladies were hilarious! They each drew the name of the lady they would mentor. Our ladies would get up and dance their way to the name they had drawn! You would have thought they were drawing names for the lottery! There was genuine excitement as our ladies paired up with each other.

Some of our ladies were so giddy I had to separate them and put them in time out!! I told the Karenage ladies sometimes when you’re full of the Spirit you just can’t contain your JOY! I don’t know what got into our ladies today but we had a little party the last 45 minutes of our meeting!

Only God knows what these next 8 weeks together will hold – but I pray it ends with these beautiful ladies entering into a relationship with Jesus and accepting Him as their Savior!

Below are the pictures of our Mole Mentors with the ladies they’ll be discipling. With each picture I listed the name, the number of children, and how many people live in their household.

Please pray with us that we will bare fruit! Do you realize the ripple effect that could take place in their home alone – if we are able to win these ladies to Christ? We could change the whole village just by reaching out to these ladies! It has the potential to be that powerful!


  1. To help the ladies accept that they are worthy: I love Psalm 139:1-18 where I learned how much God cared for me. He knew me while I was being knit together in my mother’s womb. That helped me realize He knew me before I was born and of His love for me. Also, Jeremiah 29:11 He has plans for me….to give me hope and a future..

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