God Is STRONGER Than My Bad News…

While I taught that lesson, I had no idea that I would still have so much to learn.

On Monday, I taught our Women’s Bible Study about how God is STRONGER than our bad news. Since bad news is traded on the streets in Haiti like my kids trade colds, I knew this was a topic that would hit home.

With more examples than I have kids, I expounded on how we all must deal with bad news. From sickness to loss of work or even national tragedies like an earthquake, bad news pays a visit to us all. How we react under the weight of that news is what transforms us from the natural orphan to the blessed supernatural daughter of the Savior. John 16:33 says “take heart, I have overcome the world.” As a full blood relative of my Savior, I know that I too can rely on that promise and be an overcomer.

At least I felt that way until… Wednesday morning when I woke up to bad news. Our generator caught on fire. The smoke gushed out and the staff ran in fear thinking it would explode. The off switch would not work so we had to cut a wire to turn the generator off.  We watched the main power source to our home, our school, our church, our cafeteria, our group kitchen, our employee homes–essentially the entire campus–deemed unsalvageable. John 16:33 seemed like a fairy tale.

I know I’m an overcomer because of He that dwells in me. But for a few hours (ok most of Wednesday), I felt the weight of everything we are trying to do in the Mole lay on my chest. Losing a generator is a large, unexpected, unplanned expense. We have rebuilt our generator 5 times in the last 4 years.

We went from having a 10kw diesel generator to using our back-up 2kw gasoline generator. We have to rotate what fridges we can plug, decide which church services can be powered, choose which parts of the campus will have minimum power and run extension cords everywhere else. A third of Jose’s workday is spent playing musical cords and coordinating campus ministries with electrical hotspots.

As I write these lines, I am finding courage from my ladies group. The teacher sometimes must become the student. They bring these testimonies to me:

When the earthquake changed our world- Christ in me was and is my hope.

When the doctor tells me he can do nothing – Christ in me is my hope.

When my child has her innocence stolen – Christ in me is my hope.

When death comes and takes my husband – Christ in me is my hope.

When I am abandoned and left all alone – Christ in me is my hope.

When the night falls and the power is out – Christ in me is my hope.

With the courage and strength of the people of the Mole, I come to you now. With the promise of overcoming from my Savior, I come humbly before you.

I need your help to replace this generator… To back up the darkness again… To gain another piece of ground for the overcomers… To bring a sense of belonging to the abandoned… To add a layer of protection for the innocent…

We are desperate. We can buy a generator in Port-au-Prince for $12,000.00. It is best to buy in Haiti because the parts are easier to find. We can buy it and bring it home the same day.

We have a team of 42 people coming March 13th and I’m trying to figure out how we are going to hold our revivals, teen conference, electrical supplies for construction, keep all their food fresh, and have power in general in the evenings.

We need your help! You can make an online donation by clicking this link: Click here for online donation

Or checks can be sent to:


7271 S Mayflower Park

Zionsville, IN 46077

Please mark your donation: Mole Generator

Christ in you is the hope of glory.

Colossians 1:27

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