PV Teens in 2014…

Caleb “Daddy Longlegs” Longley and Chase Chapman. It started out today with a lot of flying. Not a lot of sleep. We got to Florida at 5pm Thursday. There was pizza for dinner and some for breakfast for those that wanted it and knew there were leftovers. The hot tub was used the night we arrived in Florida. We got to the Florida airport at 4 am here (3 am in MO).

Once we got out of the Port Au Prince airport we were met by Jacques and some others from NWHCM. Thankfully, the entire set of luggage arrived to the correct spot at the right time. Customs officers were making sure everyone was getting their luggage and only theirs, so checked bags had to be matched with the owner’s receipt. Only 2 people tried to sell souvenirs at the airport.

I spoke to Andre as luggage and the first of three groups left in the truck on the way to the local small airport (it only had one metal detector and one main room about 40yds by 20yds). We were in the third group.

When we got to the airport, we waited for about ‘a good hour’. There was a man selling cold water and other cold (not cold as in beer) drinks for only a dollar which was definitely cheaper than any other deal so far for clean water.

Everyone had to be weighed, and their luggage also. The people and luggage were split up into three groups again. The first plane had 5 passengers on it, the 2nd one had a capacity for 9 but only 8 were taken. This is the one I was on. It was a really cool experience to be in a smaller plane. You could feel the turbulence, but it wasn’t a bad flight.

Once we got into “Mole International Airport”, which was simply a long dirt tarmac, we were met by a truck that fit our luggage and took the passengers of the first two planes into the compound. After a bumpy 15-minute truck ride, we arrived in the compound. Driving through the city, we were met by numerous echoes of “bonjou” and “bonsoir”. People appeared overjoyed to see the convoy of high school students entering their city.

As we arrived in the compound, we were introduced to the Castillo’s (the kids took a liking to the fact that Chase and I could throw them over our shoulders and carry them on our backs). After 2 and a half hours of entertaining the Castillo kids, the truck carrying the passengers of the third plane finally arrived. The tour was shown to the newcomers and then we decided to go to the beach. At the beach we enjoyed some nice cool but warm water. We found some strange creatures including variations of things that look like urchins, a slug, a few fish about the size of my pinkie. We are eating dinner and about to do a devotional. Bye!

Which way is North?

Castillo House Ms. Beth’s House/Girls stuff Cafeteria 4 houses and the boy’s showers
Northside Military Tent/Church South
West(Sunset) School/ boys tent


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  1. Yea!!! God is so good & faithful. Glad your travel was uneventful & all luggage made it. First timers can’t really appreciate that, but trust me, that’s a blessing!!! Was up at 5am interceding on your behalf to our Heavenly Father & will do so each day you are in Haiti. So, as you hear the roosters & other creatures waking up, know I am asking God to grant you favor for the day! You are strong, courageous, passionate people bearing God’s image! I know the nwhcm staff , the children at the orphanage, the Castillo kids, Jody, Jose & each village you minister to will see Jesus in you & be blessed. Remember everyone you meet bears Gods image…look for it! Drink in every moment & don’t sweat the small stuff…love you all so much. Hugs & kisses to Castillo kids! My heart is with you.

    1. Hey march mole group! Have a blessed trip. The work you will do will be a seed that will continue to grow. I was there in January… I can never tell people enough about the need there…and the love. Be aware of the KILLER DONKEY…. yes there is s story there… hey jodi beth. I had my surgery last Thursday and am doing well. God bless you all. Randee Bennett. Cayuga Christian Church. Indiana

  2. PV Students! You have beautiful feet!! Enjoy and love every minute of your time with the beautiful people of Haiti!!

  3. Hey there, Team!

    It was so good to see that your travels were uneventful and you are ready to be the hands and feet of Christ! As the day has passed on you have been continuously on our hearts and we are continuing to lift you up in prayer. It is our prayer that you are each taken so far out of your comfort zone that have no choice but to fully rely on God and that God would fully receive the glory for all that goes on.

    KJ…it was so good to lay our eyes on you in the pictures. We had to laugh that you have a picture with a dog that looks somewhat like Delilah. We love you and are praying specifically for your aches and pains to not interfere with what God has in store for you. BTDubs…(yep…I did just say that!)…you rock the Chacos!! We love ya, bubs!

    Happy hugs in Jesus to each of you!

    Live it up for Jesus! Live it up out loud!

    Mom and Dad Stahl

  4. We want to encourage all of you and are praying that God will use you to change the lives of the people you are serving and change your life as well. We wish we were there with you all, loving on those kiddos. (Love you Liv & Oreo misses you)
    Chuck & Dana

  5. Praising God you all made it there safely. May each of you be used by God mightily, individually as well as collectively, as you serve others. Each one of you has been and will continued to be high and lifted up before the Throne of Grace.

    Isaiah 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

    Much love to you all!


  6. Good Morning Haiti Team! Yes, it is morning, technically speaking. We are praying for all of you that God will use you to the full extent of his glory. What an incredible opportunity and responsibility you have before you as you minister to those in the Mole. You have been commissioned by God to spread his word, to be his hands and feet, to be a light unto the world and salt of the earth. We pray for strength, endurance and encouragement that you will always be mindful of the one who brought you there. For he has a purpose for you and you are fulfilling that purpose. Our prayer continues in that you will be blessed beyond measure and find his will in everything you do.

    Sweet Pea, it is great to see you there and we know that you are so pumped to be serving the God who loves you. Love you!

    Bless all of you for your service.

    Matt and Leslie Shafer

  7. Praying that you seize every opportunity to be Jesus to the lost. Love the one right in front of you…that’s what God taught me while I was there. When you’re hot, lean on Jesus. When you’re tired, lean on Jesus. When you’re sad, lean on Jesus. When you’re lonely, lean on Jesus. Keep focusing on Him, and He will use you in ways you never imagined!! Hannah, did you give Miss Beth that hug for me yet?!?! Love you all!!

  8. Glad to hear the travel went well. Can’t quite imagine you were all on time at 4am for the airport trp. Enjoy your time their. Bruce & Paul I am praying for your “teach time” and that something you say will spark a lasting thought for the listeners. Emilee (Sweet Pea??) for your time with the people you meet that they will be curious enough to ask you questions that will let you share whatever it is that God wants them to hear. And for all safety (sorry but I am a dad) and that everyone stays healthy.


  9. Looks lovely there. Praying for your team. Acts 4: 29 And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. 30 Stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

    31 After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the word of God with boldness.

    May the Kingdom of God advance because you all are BOLD and FAITHFUL. May Jesus be gloried. AMEN!


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