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Monday, June 2, 2014

We made it to the Mole today! Praise God! It was raining hard in St. Louis last night until about an hour before we left, which made me worried that the roads and rivers could be a bit rough. Thankfully, the roads and rivers were not too bad and we made it to the Mole in a little over three hours. The Castillo girls were super quiet for the first two hours because they were sleeping in the back of the SUV, but the last hour they were wide awake and a little bit crazy. Haha! We tried to keep them distracted from how much time we had left by playing the alphabet game where you go through the alphabet naming animals, and such. We started out with animals and after that went on to fruits and vegetables. Then Rosie said, “Let’s do furniture!” It was pretty funny, but we actually did a pretty good job. J I’m excited that all of the Castillo kids will be in Haiti this summer so that we can pour into them and have many, many times filled with laughter.

As we finally came to the hill where you can see down into the Mole, my heart was filled with SO much peace and joy! Finally, I was back! Back in my home sweet Mole home. St. Louis was great and is great, but this is home. This is where God has called me and I LOVE it! Yes, it is kind of a crazy town. Yes, it is a town filled with darkness and things that break my heart everyday. But this town is filled with people that I love. People that God has called me to bring His love and His light to. That is why I am back for my third summer. He has made that evident, in so many ways. Every time while preparing to come that I doubted my calling here, He reaffirmed it in HUGE ways! I am so humbled that He wants to use me. I am also SO thankful that I get to serve alongside the Castillos, Miss Beth, Emily, Patrick, and our awesome Haitian staff. This summer is just beginning but I can already tell that God has GREAT things planned and I cannot wait to see it unfold!

Prayer Requests:
-Open eyes to where God is working and to know how we can join Him in His work
-Our community here in the Mole
-The Church
-United work among both American and Haitian staff
-Our girls and boys Bible studies that we will soon be starting

Please let me know how I can pray for you!



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