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JUNE 11, 2014      PRICHARDS1992

I first experienced Haiti last summer through a short term mission trip. Before coming to Haiti I had my life already planned out. I was going to become a successful doctor, have a big house, drive a nice car, and strive to obtain all that American culture tells us is important. Arriving in Haiti my eyes were opened to more than my small, comfortable bubble back home. I saw people living in poverty similar to what I had only seen in pictures.

When I first arrived at the mission I quickly put my stuff down and went to spend time with the Miriam Center kids. Holding my first child, I was surprised to realize that I had already been defecated on. As I went to clean myself off I asked myself could I really survive this ordeal. I was hot, tired, and completely out of my comfort zone. Why had God placed me here?

As my time in Haiti passed, my heart was completely transformed. I fell in love with the children and spirit of the people that call this land their home. I had many great experiences but one stands out boldly in my mind. Every Friday night the children living at the St. Louis de Nord mission get to have a movie night. As I was sitting watching the movie I had Jean and Steven sitting next to me. I will never forget watching Steven reach out his little hand and place it on Jean’s leg. It was like watching the heart of God. Steven was saying I love you and am here for you no matter what.

Observing this really made it clear how God loves all of his children. He does not discriminate based on age, social status, race, etc. he just has all enduring, encompassing love for all of us. The faith of many of the people in Haiti truly inspired and influenced my heart. My time in Haiti quickly came to an end. Back in the U.S. my heart was still in Haiti. I prayed and prayed about my experience. God had placed this country upon my heart and I knew I had to return for a longer period of time.

I applied for an internship through Northwest Haiti Christian Mission that would allow me to spend a longer period of time in the country that I had fallen in love with. I was blessed to receive the internship and will be spending my summer serving the people of St. Nicolas, Haiti.

I know God has a purpose for placing me here and I hope that I can serve the people of this region with a loving, compassionate heart that mirrors my love for Christ. My hope is that I can start a young men’s Bible study and pour the truth of God’s word into their lives. I am also praying that this group will not stop when it is my time to leave. I pray that some of these young men will start their own small groups and spread the the word of God throughout St. Nicolas!

– Patrick Richards

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