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It’s a glorious day to be alive and serving the Lord today!

Greetings family and friends from Haiti!! We spent the night in Port au Prince, where we noticed just outside of our room that they had labeled it just for us! Hammond, Jackson, and Marcum.

We arrived here at the Mole St. Nicholas after a very smooth travel day! It is always a blessing to see the smiling faces that greet us! I was made honorary co-pilot for our small plane ride!

When we arrived at the Mole, Morgan, EM, and Patrick invited us to help with swimming lessons for the orphans! Wow, what a blessing that was. It never ceases to amaze me how God knows just what we need! Jim, Isaac, Em, Patrick, Morgan, and myself went into the ocean with the kids while Phillip helped them from the beach to the water.

The next morning Patrick and I went on a wonderful 3 mile run. We started at the compound and went through town all the way to an old fort overlooking the ocean! Wow what a view to see the sun coming up over the water!

These past couple of days, we have gotten electricity to four houses!! The plan is to finish the orphanage and the school starting tomorrow! Please pray for us! Glenna has been working for the pharmacy getting it stocked and has mended the kids’ school uniforms today!


More pictures to come!

Greg Hammond




  1. To Phillip Marcum I miss you!!So does nana!! I Love your shorts!!!! From:Star P.s look in the side pocket i left a note!!!

    1. We will let Phillip know in the morning. I haven’t seen him in so long but hearing him laugh brings back some beautiful memories from trips in the past. I’m so honored he came here -jody

  2. Tell Phillip we want to see pictures of him in the ocean….Tell my dad Phillip that we miss and love him and we can’t wait til he gets home…

    1. We will have them blog again tomorrow night! They are going by boat early tomorrow to visit one of our fishing villages. It’s been so great having them here! I forgot how funny Philip is!

  3. Tell Phillip that we want to see pictures of him in the ocean…Tell dad (Phillip) that we all love and miss him and we can’t wait til he gets back home..

  4. I am glad that dad (Phillip) is having fun..He needed a break from here for a while…But we sure do miss him..He can always me you smile…

  5. Can’t Wait to see the new updates…Hopefully there will be more pictures..I hope all of them are having a good time…

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