Freedom Christian Church… Update 2

I thank the Lord each day for opening my eyes to something new. It’s been a rewarding few days. It has been tiresome but rewarding. We have finished with the wiring in the Haitian Staff housing and have run the main feed to the orphanage and the school. With the Lord’s blessing, we will finish with all of it by Thursday.

Sunday morning it was a blessing to prepare to worship the Lord. We attended Church in a military tent. Even though we could not understand the language they were speaking, we understood their message. Sitting on a wooden bench, in a tent with the side open and it at least 85 degrees with no wind stirring, I couldn’t help but be thankful. Some people walked from downtown or a few miles away to attend church. This really hits home and makes me think about what we should really be thankful for. Just to have a place to worship is all that matters. We have nothing to complain about at home.

Sunday evening we had a nice walk to a 18th century fort built by the French. There was a family living inside the fort. The inside was grown up and most of the walls had long since been destroyed. It was awesome to wonder just who all had stood guard at this fort overlooking the bay. Right in the middle of this historical moment for me…. A young Haitian boy with two baby guineas found Phillip and a deal was made. Phillip bought the guineas and the bucket they came in.

On Monday morning we loaded a boat and headed to a fishing village. Glenna was carried from the boat to shore, but the rest of us had to get our feet wet. When we approached the village, I saw the thatch huts. The small huts with dirt floors hit me like a hammer. I was at once glad that I came here this morning. The children were really happy to see us. Morgan brought out a Frisbee and began a game of toss with the children. After some time, Issac had taught them a game with the Frisbee.

The young girls took turns getting their fingernails painted by Emily, Morgan, Glenna…and even I painted one of their nails. It was then time for coloring. The children were super excited about this. They all got a color page and a crayon. They traded crayons with each other in order to have several colors. Jim and I spent some time with the guys of the village learning Dominoes. Jim claims to have won one of the matches and I strongly feel as if I won at least four. Neither of us are totally sure of the house rules to date.

We returned to the Mole in the afternoon with an appreciation for the blessings that we take for granted each day. God is an awesome God.




  1. Peace and joy to you as you serve our Great LORD and Savior! Wish we were there and serving with you. We are continually lifting up the NW Haiti Christian Mission, the Mole and now Freedom Christian Church as you serve with joy.

  2. Leave it to my dad (Phillip) to buy baby guineas…Hope he is taking care of them…LOL..What’s he going to do with them when he comes back? LOL

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