Summer Games – Competition 2

We had a great day of games today! I love it when we can just laugh and have fun with each other. Sometimes a laugh will get you through a rough day! We had planned a night-time game yesterday but we got rained out! So this has been postponed until Sunday night! 🙂

But today I  had 3 games planned for our staff meeting!


The first game was called Follow the Leader. All of us sat in a circle. We sent one person outside the cafeteria so they couldn’t hear us. Then those of us left in the circle picked a leader. Whatever motion the leader did (clapping, waiving hands, hitting legs) we had to follow. You had to follow in such a way that didn’t make it obvious who the leader was. It took SEVERAL rounds before they really understood!

So when the person we sent outside comes back – they have to stand in the middle of the circle and try to catch who the leader is.

Points were awarded to each team based on correct guesses.


The second game was a version of Heads-Up 7-Up. Those of us in the circle closed our eyes. Three people walked around tapping one person each. Then those who were tapped had to guess which person tapped them.

Points were awarded to each team based on correct guesses.


The last game was a Bible/Sword Drill. I handed each team 5 Bibles. I gave the scriptures they were to find.  They had to find the scripture – stand-up – and read it!

All of the scriptures I had today were about faith, power, & strength! Just felt like we should be speaking that over each other – even if it is a game! It served two purposes today 🙂

Points were awarded based on which team member stood up first.


Next Set of Competitions on the docket….

Best Day Of Ministry…

We are giving the teams 1 week to come up with the Best Day Of Team Ministry. So often times we plan our teams based of what “we” think will have the most Kingdom Impact.

But I explained to them that I really want to know what “THEY” (Haitians) think would have the most Kingdom Impact. If they were in charge of a team for one day – what would they want them to do? They have a full week to think about it.  I’m REALLY excited to see what they come up with.

This will be presented to & voted on –  by our team coming to the Mole on Monday.


Sunday Night we will play the night-time game we missed yesterday. I can’t say what it is because there are too many cheaters and I don’t want them to plan before we play! 🙂


Sunday Night I will also announce the next challenge. This will be a cooking challenge. Each team will be given a small amount of money to buy ingredients to make the best dish! I have some very special judges already lined up for the tasting!


Here are some pictures from today! The games never go exactly as planned…… sometimes it’s like playing with 5 year-olds and each person speaks their own language. LOL!  But when I see all those smiling faces – I know it’s worth it!


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