One Life – Day 2

Today at the Mole, we left early this morning to head out to one of the fishing villages in the area, Preskul. It was by far one of the neatest and most heart-warming experiences to be able to be a part of someone else’s culture that we could never fathom as Americans. One of the ladies we spoke with when we were going hut to hut allowed us into her straw hut where her and her 7 kids lived. It was unbelievably tiny, hot, and dark, but indeed it was their home. We also ran into a man with an unbelievably cute 7 month old baby whose only prayer requests were for his family to only worship Christ and for their village to be blessed with a pastor to love and lead the community. Christina was able to share the story of Jesus feeding 5000. After she told her story, one of the men of Preskul told her the story of the Good Samaritan. Preskul was an incredibly humbling experience for our team to witness their lives, their jobs (fishing), and their culture. Oh and the thirty minute boat ride was one of the most beautiful sceneries where you could only think like wow this is God’s creation. Back at the mission we all split into groups to clean up the campus. I would say the majority of us were probably rather bitter about, but we all came to the realization of how we were blessed to be able to be serving God and helping out the staff and the campus here at the Mole. We also had the opportunity to spend time with the orphans today where they ALL just accepted your love and returned it with their high-fives, hugs, smiles, cuteness, and laughter. Being here and being able to be the hands, feet, and most importantly the face of Christ is an unbelievably rewarding experience that I pray our entire team carries out when we return home to serve in our community and to be able to bless others and serve Christ. I know all of us are excited to see what God has in store for us tomorrow at our VBS with the community of the Mole.

One Life

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  1. My heart is touched by the man at Preskul sharing the story of the Good Samaritan. Probably he’s heard it a few times but it’s one our team shared with them when we were there over a year ago. Such a blessing that they’re hearing and remembering God’s Word and want to share with others. His Word will not return void.

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