One Life – Day 1

For the past six days, our One Life group has been in St. Louis doing mission work with the local orphan children along with the older folks who live among the mission. We spent 2 days doing Vacation Bible School with the local (very enthusiastic) children in Anse-a-foleur. VBS included a Bible story, games, and crafts. We went prayer walking throughout the village, praying for any families we felt God called us to pray for. Grocery ministry in St. Louis was such an amazing experience. It was awesome that we got to go to the local market to purchase food for families and were able to deliver it to their homes. And not to mention Sunday morning in Haiti is one to remember. Worshiping among the Haitians in energy-filled worship songs was such an experience. We met many amazing friends in St. Louis that we will never forget. Today we arrived in the Mole and are so excited to see what else God has in store for our group here! – Morgan Flack

The One Life Team has been to St. Louis du Nord two other summers and we have changed our schedule this summer to include Mole St. Nicolas. Our team did an amazing job with ministries in St. Louis and now a new adventure awaits here in the Mole. Our team has already had the privilege of sharing the life changing Gospel to 115 children (and many onlookers) during our VBS, of loving on orphans and learning Creole, of making several pew benches for local churches and providing much needed groceries to families. The Mole is beautiful and very quiet – we have already been to the beach! We are looking forward to what God has in store for us!!!! I want to praise our Lord for getting us here safely and using us and our human plans. We know He has a grand agenda for us!


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  1. Bless all your hearts! Prayers are going up for a fruitful ministry and for your personal comfort and safety.

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