Pastor Agenor’s Family Is In The Mole…

A few weeks ago we held a small evening service to welcome Pastor Agenor’s family to the Mole.

Pastor Agenor is from Berger, which is about 5 hours from here.  I knew Agenor from when I lived on our  St. Louis du Nord Campus. He was going to our Bible College when I met him. Almost every morning, I would watch him lead devotions with our medical, granmoun, birthing center, and nutritional programs. He spoke with a quiet confidence – always promoting truth with love.

Two years ago, our church fell apart when our previous pastor was dismissed for major misconduct. Agenor graciously agreed to lead our church during the most difficult season of its existence. There is no doubt that Pastor Agenor was sent from God to help bring healing to our congregation.

We originally thought he would just fill in until we found a full time pastor. His love and passion for the people though – has changed the entire dynamics in our church. Those who once cursed the church were coming forward and asking for forgiveness.

Agenor is the kind of pastor that is out calling on the congregation daily. Sometimes it’s so subtle you don’t even see it unless you look closely…… You will find him ministering to Doumy while helping him change a flat tire. You will see him speaking into the orphan staff while holding one of the children. You will find him sharing about Jesus while helping the fisherman untangle his nets. You will see him at a neighbor’s house with a baby fast asleep on his lap – just so the mom can have her hands free to do some chores. You will see him in the garden with his hands full of dirt – talking about the tree of life. You will find him walking home and offering advice to some of the youth that come to our cafeteria to watch the World Cup Games.

Pastor Agenor has made a lot of sacrifices on behalf of our village. He spent many weeks without seeing his family so that he could serve Christ here in Mole. We have asked Pastor Agenord to be our full time pastor! WAHOO!! The church is SO EXCITED to have his whole family here! What a great time of JOY!

Here are a few pictures from the service we had a few weeks ago. Everyone was served cake & coffee as we sat around and fellowshipped together as a family!


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