Crossroads – Last Day…

Bonjour: now is the beginning we planted some seeds in Jesus name and now let us as ambassadors of Christ water them. Even though we are flying home Sat. our hearts are to pray for the children that Jesus keeps his hands on these precious chocolate munchkins while we are away. We took a boat trip to KaPaFu, and Preskul, fishing villages extreme poverty. We gave 10 55-pound bags in Jesus name to each village. Yes we told them Jesus told Christians in our church to purchase rice for you. Please pray for Esperanta, Adonise, Cherlanda, Woodly, Alberto, etc. love Philemon the one Jesus loves.

Our last full day has been a long one. It started with moving the 1100 lbs of rice at least 1/8 mile to beach for boat. I don’t think I ever sweat so much at 5 am. The work is worth it every time. Phil and I went into town to say good bye to all of the children we could. It is nice to walk around and hear our names called at different areas. I just keep praying that Christ is the thought in their heads as they call our names. To him be the glory not our satisfaction. We are already getting filled with ideas for next year and just can’t wait. I am excited to see you Sugar. Give the kids my love and will be home late tomorrow night. Muah.



  1. Wow what a day! That was a lot of work but well worth it I’m sure.
    It has got to be so hard leaving those children. They are so amazing!
    We look forward to seeing you and praying for safe travels for you and Phil!

  2. I can’t believe your time there is coming to a close already. What an amazing trip. See you both soon!

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