Let The Fall Games Begin…


This summer we divided the staff into two teams – Valiant Soldiers and Team Christiano. The staff participated in all sorts of fun challenges each week! You can check past blogs from the summer to see pictures and videos.

The winners were awarded points based off the difficulty of the competition. Unfortunately, the games got cut short because I had to fly to the states for back surgery. When I flew out… Valiant Soliders had 78 points and Team Christiano had 67 points.

Though the team sizes have changed (some of our staff were only here in the summer) we decided it would be fun to keep playing!

So what are the teams playing for? What’s the prize? I still have no clue! What I do know is that this is a great exercise in team building! We are learning how to play together  – how to be silly together – how to work together – how to cheer for each other – and how to STOP cheating! 🙂 Yes – there’s all sorts of lessons to be learned!

Wednesday’s game: Frozen T-shirt.

I took a mission shirt, rolled it up, put it in a bag of water, put the bag in the freezer, and left it there overnight! Each team was given one bag with the frozen shirt. They could use whatever means necessary to break the shirt out of the block of ice, unfold it, and then wear it for 1 full minute!

Side note: We were super impressed with Pastor Agenor’s strength! He made the win for Team Christiano!

Here’s a few clips of some great team work! Though the staff was really tired yesterday -it was good to see them laugh 🙂



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