Today we feature this sweet cuddly kid!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Sondley Morvil
Birth date: 01/31/10
Faves: playing outside, singing, hugs,
taking silly photos, learning in school
BFFs: Christina, Sony
# of sponsors needed: 4

I’m pleased to introduce you to this silly and smiley boy!

Sondley is quite the hilarious child! From his super cheesy grins to his silly antics, this kid always has some funny trick up his sleeve! He enjoys taking funny face photos and he always comes up with some crazy game to play with his siblings. Christina and him are the best of friends and this little silly duo is all laughs and mischief! I hung out with this crazy, trouble-making duo a lot this summer and we had lots of fun and laughs. One of their favorite things to do is run around campus together, both smiling their big grins and attacking people with hugs!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Sondley is content to run and play or just be held all day! Sondley will cuddle right up to you and just want to sit on your lap for a while. He enjoys the attention and love that others shower over him.

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

This kid is also an accomplished actor and he sometimes likes to put on a show! He can change his facial expressions/emotions in a second, but most of the time he is his cute smiling self!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Sondley likes hanging out with his older sisters, who include him in their mini-worship band and jam sessions! He loves to sing, though he will quickly steal the show! He likes being up front and center!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Today I want to pray for Sondley. I want to pray that Sondley will grow and mature in his faith as he grows older. I pray that he never loses his silly smile or his ability to make others laugh, but I pray that as he grows older he begins to use his life and talents to point more and more toward Christ. I pray that he will step back and put Christ in the spotlight of his life and allow others to witness the transformative power of God working through him. I pray that as he receives love and attention from God and others that he will continue to pour that back out for others as he serves them.

Psalms 86:12
"I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And will glorify Your name forever."

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Right now Sondley has room for at least 4more sponsors to join his Family Tree! For$30/month you can support this sweet boy as he grows and bring him one step closer to being fully sponsored. Would you consider joining a Family Tree today? You can check out Sondley’s Family Tree page here!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

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