PV Ladies Team Day 2…

We made it! Got our first night of sleep last night since we left on Thursday and we feelin’ great this morning. God is good. Today we went prayer walking this morning throughout The Mole and we were also able to see some people that we had prayed with on our previous trip in January. It was wonderful to see that they remembered us! The Mole was busy this morning….construction still taking place on some side streets, people at the public market and fishing at the beach. This temperature is probably in the mid 80’s, blue sky, sunny! Last night the temperature actually cooled down to a very pleasant temperature for sleeping.

After our lunch of Haitian spaghetti, we had a couple of hours to work on our different lessons for the upcoming week….Revelation, Grace and the Parenting seminars on the list. This afternoon, we split into two teams and visited the homes of the new discipleship ladies we will be teaching this. We were able to prayer with them and it was an honor to visit with them. We’ll be teaching children’s church tomorrow in the morning, plus games, plus crafts. Tomorrow afternoon, the Castillo girls are having a universal birthday party and we are all looking forward to that.

By the way, on the MAF flight from the Mole, we had extra passengers with us…four boxes if chickens. I don’t know who was more excited to finally get to the Mole….us or the chickens! We are all healthy and rested and appreciate your prayers and support. Love you, Vernon.




This is Colleen. I just wanted to let you know how things are going here in Haiti. It was a long trip to get here with an overnight in Ft. Lauderdale, but we arrived in the Mole safely. I was very tired at first. But it is so good to be back with friends again this year. What a blessing to see those friends that I haven’t seen since last year.

We have already spent time with the orphans today. They were glad to see us. They are growing so much and seem to be doing well. I was happy to see Kiki who I sponsor. He still has the same beautiful smile.

Today we spent time walking around the Mole and praying for the town. We took a good walk in the morning while praying. After lunch we split up into groups and went out to visit the ladies who are in the discipleship group. We stopped by each house and prayed for the ladies and their families.

We are getting ready to watch a movie with the kids now. I know I am tired, so hopefully I won’t fall asleep.

Hello to my wonderful husband, John. Hello to my sister, Chrissy. If any of my ladies from PWOC or my church look at this blog please continue to pray.

Love you,



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  1. Praying for all of you!! Can someone give Miss Beth a hug for me?!?! Two hugs from me in a month should make your day, Beth :). Miss you!! Someone can love on Fedna for me, too!!

  2. Awesome work you are doing, I’m sure the Lord is well pleased. Thankful the team arrived safely and I will be praying for a safe return as well. Sleep well tonight !

  3. Everyone looks rested and happy. My God be with you as you teach Revelations this week. All is well here, the boys miss you.

  4. Hi Colleen and the rest of the crew! Glad you guys made it safely. We look forward to seeing the pictures of the kids. You guys will be in our prayers. Have a great time and a safe trip back home!
    Rosalie and Nate

  5. Thanking the Lord for your safe arrival. It’s amazing to see the photos of all of you with the kids. Praying for each of you as you prepare for your teaching assignments. Love from KC.

  6. Thankful for safe travels for the team and truly blessed by seeing pictures of your happy faces as you extend God’s love to the Haitian children! Praying for you all as you begin to teach, too!

  7. Colleen – Good to see your post from day 2. I love the pictures. I’m glad things are going well for you all. I am praying for good sleep and energy for all of you.

  8. Sarah I’m so glad you’re trip has gone well and loved reading about it but it’s almost time to go back to work and I need someone to suffer with me. Haha have a safe trip back!

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