Texas Tech 2015 – Day 2

March 15, 2015 Haiti day 3 counting travel

I woke this morning before the sun. Not wanting to rise yet, I laid in bed thinking about the devotional Morgan gave yesterday morning. She talked about the body of Christ and how we are all vital parts of this body. I began to pray for our team, that they feel valued, that they come to know the part that they are. I prayed for the lips to speak truth, the arms to touch those in need, and the pinky to keep us balanced. I prayed for their individual bodies as well, that their eyes see people the way He does, for their hearts to break for what breaks His and their ears to hear their whispers. The wind howls and I think about the Holy Spirit, coming like the wind to fill this place with all that He is. Something big is coming, we’re waiting.

I stayed in the mole this morning to help with children’s church (AKA my happy place). The pavilion became a church as little ones flooded in wearing their Sunday best. Only 4 of us stayed so we are immediately bombarded by tiny bodies, ready to braid our hair and use us human jungle gyms. I sat with Fedna for a while, playing with her hands and writing words on her palms. Her grins and giggles could cure cancer, I swear. Church began with a memory verse and I did my best to keep up. The babes found my Creole hilarious, as did I. We moved to games where I noticed a certain little person attached to my leg. I looked down to see Sondley, the precious boy I took to the orphanage 3 years ago on my first trip to the Mole. My perfect little angel, with dark eyes and an innocent smile. My heart throbbed with joy. He reached up to be held and I obliged ungrudgingly. He wrapped tightly around my neck squeezing me, occasionally releasing to kiss my cheek and return to the embrace. Holy cow, I love this boy. The next hour and a half was spent with him pointing where he wanted to walk, me taking him there, and him kissing me on the cheek. Point, walk, kiss, repeat. I wasn’t even a little bit mad.

Sunday afternoon was reserved for the Sabbath. We spent this time enjoying the Haitian sun and team bonding. We’ve been so blessed with our team this year. Please pray for us as we travel to different villages this week. Pray for our Body and the people of this sensational country.

As I type this, I’m getting my whole head braided. Closest think my hippie head an get to dreads. Sorry, mom.

Love love love,

Shannon (YLA)


Today some of us were able to travel to a small fishing village about 20 minutes out side of the mole to attend church, they told us it would be a nice little walk but the nice little walk ended up being a hike. Once we got there we were able to walk around town encouraging the residents to join us in community to listen to Gods word. At least 30 or 40 showed up to listen to the message given by none other than Al Martin! Al just hit them with the Gospel! It’s always so cool watching peoples facial expressions hearing the Gospel no matter if they have heard it before. I know for me each time I hear it I am reminded of how GOOD my God is, and how much He loves his people, while we are still sinners Christ died for US!!

After church we were able to just play with some of the local children and adults. We were able to play Little Sally Walker, it is SO cool to see how even though there is a major language barrier we were still able to dance around and act silly. Being silly is international. While we were there I encountered a little boy about 4 and I noticed that he couldn’t move his elbow, we assumed he had broken his arm before and it wasn’t adjusted into place properly. My heart broke for this child as there was nothing I can do to help him, but I KNOW my Father can. Something I have to remember while I’m in Haiti is I’m not here to “save” these people, I’m here to love and serve these people, I can’t save them only Jesus Christ can.

The rest of the day was spent team bonding! Growing together as a team is something that is so important just because these are the people that you are serving and loving with. These are the people that you will turn to when you see something that breaks your heart, they are the ones who will build you up when you feel like you can’t move another inch. One of my favorite things about coming to Haiti is growing and bounding with people that you may of just met. Some of my best friends I made a year ago on this trip (shout out to you Ashlyn! LYLAS) I also took an incredible nap, much needed rest!

Another day in Haiti and another day of the Lord reveling himself through precious smiles of Haitians from all ages. Even through tough situations, not great living conditions and HUMID heat they still find a way to smile and show us love, their smile encourages me to love stronger, hug harder, and that the reason we do have hope in tough situations is through our Savior Jesus Christ. Pray for the hearts that we will encounter as we start the youth conference tomorrow.

Romans 8:37-39,


I blogged for you Rita Holder!


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  1. So amazing to hear from y’all! We are all praying for you as you continue to be used by God in Haiti.
    Shout out to Al and Maddux from me, Maddi & Mason! We love and miss y’all.

  2. Hi Emmmmmaheeeemahawmuhh!

    Lol! (He thinks he’s so funny). So glad to see your post tonight! Didn’t see it until now (almost 11) so kids are asleep already. We went swimming and then fished off of the dock right behind our cabin today… Mo threw this new pole into the lake on accident – about his 10th cast… So there I am laying on the dock trying to grab it… But I couldn’t reach it and it just sank down down down. If you can just picture that… Oh man the tears!!! And… your dad laughing at me for laying in duck poo on the dock!!! Lol! Well Yaya made a Trip to Walmart and $9.96 fixed everything. Then he fished until dark all happy and content and thankful to Yaya.
    I Really enjoyed Averie’s post… Wishing you could fix it all for these kids,but realizing that Jesus is their only fix. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how hard that would be to see.
    I’m so proud of all of you! So much in awe of how much you are sharing with and learning from the people of Haiti.
    Love you Emily! Hope you’re wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated. Can’t wait to hear all of your stories. I’ll get the kids to comment tomorrow.
    Love, Mom

  3. Hey yall it’s Kathryn again!! Shannon you write beautifully, seriously cried, so incredibly proud of you and your willingness to serve in the little ways and being an example of unconditional love to all. That is what makes a great leader! Love you girl!
    Continue to give 200% of yourself a this week! You will not regret being tired, like Jody says “if you aren’t falling into bed exhausted every night, you probably aren’t doing enough” make the most o your time there!
    Sorry for the long post 🙂
    Shout out to my disFUNconal family, the queen, my uncle, and sister. The princess loves y’all haha
    And to my gurl Lindsey S! Your mom is having me share everything about the trip and tagging her so she can see and read lol

  4. Once again I am so blessed to read your blog and see pictures Praise God for the work you are doing.(Miss seeing my girl in the pics)
    Love and prayers for you all Tonia (KTrucks mum)

  5. You guys are amazing! It’s great to keep up with what yall are doing, and I can’t wait to hear all your stories! Praying you guys are growing as a team and that you feel rested and ready for whatever the day has in store for you.
    Have fun yall!
    PS- Love you Lindsay!
    –Laura C.

  6. hey everyone! I think you forgot a person back in Texas! It’s so great to read yalls post. I miss you all so much and it’s so exciting to see the pictures of the Lord working. As most of you know I attended the trip last year and it dramatically changed my life. So to all the new kids, take everything in. Take every opportunity to hear the Lord and work for the Lord. This time is amazing and can never be replaced. I am so excited to hear what God does in each of yalls lives. To all the second timers, I miss you guys! But remember it’s a different trip and that God will touch you differently than He did last year (or maybe the year before). Im sad I can’t be there with you but so incredibly joyful for you all to see haiti for another time. Praying for you all and love each of you so much!

    Ps. Thanks Aves for the shoutout. LYLAS. Take pictures for me 🙂

  7. Homesick. That’s the only emotion I can give to seeing these pictures of Haiti. Our God is good . Keep being the Body. Prayer for all there. Coming back to st Louie in oct. Can’t wait.

  8. Hi Jacob… Sure missing you… Does our heart good to see and hear the work you all are doing there.. So proud of all your efforts there.. Our prayer is that you and your team as well the locals grow in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ… Can’t wait to hear stories and see pics of your trip.. We love you.. Mom and dad…

  9. It made me smile to hear about Sondley – just as I remember his sweet, loving way! Also, the statement “while I’m in Haiti is I’m not here to “save” these people, I’m here to love and serve these people, I can’t save them only Jesus Christ can.” reminds me that showing LOVE is exactly what Jesus would do. As they say in Stephen Ministry, we are the “care givers” and God is the “cure giver”. God bless your time in Haiti immeasurably!

  10. It was so good to read your post and gain a little insight into what you are doing! I saw you on the beach, too! Prayers for the Haiti mission group. Continue to spread the word! Love you!!

  11. Hello Everyone! Loved reading Shannon and Averie’s blogs and hearing how the holy spirit is moving in Haiti and in each of your lives. I love seeing the photos of your journey there. I hope everyone is well and being blessed in abundantly in many different ways. My prayers for each of you everyday.
    I want to know one thing, who is expecting? Obviously I am out of the loop…loved seeing his first sonogram, whoever that was. Keep Al and Khalil in line I know they are the trouble makers on this trip. Bless you all and love you all, Penny

  12. These pictures look so amazing! Praying for y’all and all the lives you’ll touch while you’re there!

  13. Hey Shan!
    So happy to see you so happy! I want to be with you playing with all those babies! I know you’re spreading lots of love and joy. Soak it all in. No dreadlocks!
    Love, Mom

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