Texas Tech 2015 – Day 1

Hey guys!!!

This is Ty! It has been a pretty crazy almost 48 hours. We did a great job being patient with each other while on little sleep and in busy airports. The first year people may not agree with me, but for someone who has been here before, it went very smoothly. Today we woke up and toured the mission first thing. Its really cool for me to see how it has changed over the last year. After that we got to play with the orphans here! They are the definition of adorable and the sweetest little kids. Tonight we are having a movie night in the town square and have tried to invite most the kids in town. I’m really excited about this because I have not experienced it before. We have spent some time at the beach (which is beautiful!), and played volleyball. They have a pretty good set up with the court lines and all!!

Jody spoke to us today about not only being the hands and feet of Jesus, but the face of Jesus as well. 2 Cor. 4:6 speaks to seeing the glory of God in the face of Jesus. We are to imitate Christ and I hope to continue to grow toward that everyday. It was impactful to the whole team and spoke into what we need to do this week.

As I wrap up I want to encourage you to not only pray for our trip, but to allow our experiences to impact you. I was encouraged to do two things here in Haiti and would like to share those with you. 1. Love deeper than you thought was possible. 2. Get out of your comfort zone and allow God to use you. I hope to do both and would like to extend that to you. No matter if it is in your workplace, church, or home; continue to chase after what the Lord has for you and be obedient in that. We love yall and hope that everything is well!

Have a wonderful night,

Ty Lust

p.s. I have photos for you K-Truck and Allison sais Hi Yall! Haha love yall!


  1. So glad to hear from y’all! This update rocks and I’m excited to see where this trip brings each of you.

    Ty, your words are precious to my heart and I’m praying deeply for you and your team. Thank you for the encouragement and know that you are covered in love and prayer!

  2. Hey yall!
    This is so weird to be reading the blog in the states instead of being there with you. If this is your first time….hi I’m Kathryn lolz:)
    I am so proud of all of you already…I know that bus ride is so fun! I can not wait to see how the Lord will use you this week! Get out of your comfort zones, that is where the Lord will really use you and grow you spiritually! It might be the hardest thing you ever do but it will be so rewarding! I love yall and I’m praying for yall! Take lots of pics for me (thank you Ty aka best bus buddy eva) have fun and drink lots of water!!!!!!!!!

  3. So glad yall made it safely and the travel went smoothly. Hope lots of kids come and watch the movie. Praying yall love deeper than you thought possible and allow God to use you and move you out of your comfort zone. Continue to be the hands, feet and face of Jesus. Bless you all and love you all. Penny

  4. Hello Emily And TTU Wesley Friends!
    So good to see your loving smiles and faces on this blog! Dad and the kids and I enjoyed looking at the pictures over and over! Then dad went back through just looking at the background to see how much the mole has changed. Sure does my heart good to see you arrived safely! We sure have been praying for you all! Love you bunches Em! Can’t wait to see what you post tomorrow!! Love, mom and dad

    Hi emily! I miss you! I like that picture of you and the little girl. What is her name? I’m glad you made it to Haiti today. We rode in the car all day today too and I’m grumpy… I bet you were grumpy to go so far traveling also. I see you grumpy in the other picture so I bet that’s why. Love you, I’ll write you again tomorrow. Love Grace

    Hi emily,
    I’m watching a movie on my iPad and have been a little toot all day in the car. Everybody would prefer that I keep my headphones on and leave them alone. Love mo (as translated by mom!) 🙂 seriously this kid!

  5. Great to hear that you made it there without much trouble. Dad and I will keep praying for you and the team. We know God is doing amazing things with you, to you, and through you. Also, thanks for the challenge…you have been challenging us since you were a little kid, we couldn’t be prouder.
    Love ya so much, Tim &Lea Ann (Ty’s parents)

  6. Hey Emily! Hey crew! I hope you guys are having the best time down down in Haiti! From the looks of it you’re having a lot of fun! I’ve been actively praying for all of you and for God to continually work through you all! Be safe! Have fun! I’ll be praying!!

  7. Praising God for giving you the opportunity to be in Haiti! My church is praying for all of you and can’t wait for you to come and share the stories of what God has done and is continuing to do there. Thank you for the challenge and for being the face of Jesus for others. Love you to the moon and back. Peleen (Ty’s grandmother)

  8. Hi Emily and friends!

    Glad to see you arrived safely! I’m so proud of you, Emily (and everyone else), and you’re all in my thoughts and prayers!



  9. Our church and we personally are lifting up your team. Praying that God gives you many opportunities to share the gospel and love on the people of Haiti, and on each other. May He bless all your efforts. Kaitlyn’s mom and dad! Love you all!!

  10. Hi Brooke! Hi TTU team! We are so happy that you made it safely to the Mole! The photos were great to see on the first day you arrived. We keep praying for you all! Brooke’s mom and dad!

  11. Hi Holly and TTU Team, We’re so glad you’ve arrived safely and had a great first day in Haiti. We can’t wait to read your blog daily to hear what God has called you to do. Lives are being changed as a result! We feel so lucky Holly found such a wonderful family at Texas Tech. Be safe (and we love you Holly). Holly’s Mom & Dad

  12. Hi Avery & TTU team. So glad you made it safely & had a great first day in Haiti! Our hearts were overwhelmed with your picture & beautiful smiles on the “Fowler Power”! Such a blessing to see you sharing God’s love & truly making a difference. Prayers & hugs to everyone. Can’t wait to what Day 2 holds! So proud of you..Love you more, Avery’s Mom & Day

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