Texas Tech 2015 – Day 5…

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yooooooooo it’s the Martin family blog up in here. Comin at you live from Mole St. Nicholas wooooo!! Your authors for the night are of course the best in the west, Hailey Martin and Maddux Martin. The dynamic duo. So sit back, or sit forward, just really do what you want, but read this blog while you do it.

Today was Wednesday. The middle of the week. Smack dab in the middle. We woke up this wonderfully whimsical Wednesday wake-up-time (morning) to the beautiful sound of roosters and goats. We (hailey and maddux) didn’t take a shower. It’s all good though. Some people took showers though. For breakfast we had some real mushy oatmeal with jelly and other assortments of toppings. There was also bread. And coffee. Coffee is blessed (bless-ed). After breakfast the Martin family went their separate ways. Hailey’s group did construction and Maddux’s group went to Provo to do hut-to-hut evangelism. First, Hailey is goin to tell y’all about the rocks she picked up.

Hey, so today I got the pleasure of digging some dirt and picking up rocks in effort to form a path to the clinic. It was a good time. I only got one blister. The rest of my group is a lot better at physical labor than I. But I was very encouraging. We got a lot of work accomplished and had fun while accomplishing it. After we finished, I was very dirty and stinky (because I had not showered in a while..) So I took a shower and was no longer dirty. I have nothing else of importance to say about my morning, so here is Maddux.

So. This morning my group (shannon’s) and Al’s group went to a little village about an hour away called Provo. This village was really awesome! There weren’t very many people there because the kids were at school and a lot of the adults were away working. However, this turned out to be really cool because we got to give basically everyone in the village lots of individual attention. The people in Provo were so welcoming and sweet it was so amazing. Everyone was eager to talk with us and invite us in to their homes. They were all very open about their struggles and joys and all that stuff like that. Three different people even gave us food as a gift for visiting them! They were so nice!! This one lady made us some funky fresh aloe vera jelly stuff. It was so good and unique it was radical. It was so cool talking to everyone because they were so hungry for the gospel and were so eager to be prayed for.

After we finished going around to everyone’s houses we just went and sat with a family and helped them peel peas and just had a deep convo about life in general. They were so welcoming and nice it was so great. Their situations were heartbreaking, but their hearts were so beautiful.

Also in the morning the nursing students did some nursing stuff at the clinic. I hear it was good.

For lunch we had rice and dumplings and miscellaneous veggies. After lunch we all spent a little time to ourselves to get filled back up and ready for the afternoon. I took a nap on a bench (maddux). I read some Bible (hailey). Everyone else basically did the same. The afternoon was really nice and overcast and the sun wasn’t out and it was so glorious I was so happy.

We went into the town to gather some youths for our youths conference. The youth conference was good! We did a lot of stuff. Ty, Emily M, and Averie spoke about following God when it costs everything. Then some people did the Everything skit for the youths and it was really fantastic. Ty, Kristen, Emily G, Shelby, Averie, Jacob, Brady, and Caroline put it on and they all really worked hard on it and it was dope.

Then we broke in to small groups and just talked about whatever the Haitians wanted to talk about. They had lots of questions and it was good to be able to talk with them about their lives and Jesus and stuff like that. Hailey met Chris Brown today. He is from the Dominican Republic and is able to speak creole, Spanish, French, and a tiny bit of English. Shannon was able to converse with him in Spanish and Emily G was able to understand some of his French. It was really cool to communicate with him. He told us that he is grateful for the questions we asked him about his life and he can tell that we really care about him. His one request was not for money or material things, but simply for prayer that he be able to do God’s will and provide for his family and loved ones. It was a super cool experience to learn about his life and get to know him.

So yeah, it was a super fresh day. Right now we’re sitting in worship and chillin. Everyone is totally exhausted but it’s a good kind of exhausted. Mhmm. God is good. This week is cray and we’re like half way done or something. But it’s great. God and this country are transforming each of our lives and touching us all in different and special ways. So it’s good. Thank you folks for you folks’ prayers for us. Tomorrow we are spending the whole day on the road, so it’s gonna be really exhausting but really good so pray for that.

I saw a really big lizard today. Shouts out to Averie’s mum. Shouts out to annabeth lane you totally rock and I hope youre having a rockin spring break. Y’all are my two favorite people. ‘hi mom. Love ya girl.” –Maddux and Hailey (both moms..) Kathryn- kenson says hi and that he misses you. He wore a red shirt today so you can picture him saying that.

Peace and blessins you fellows.

-maddux and hailey


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  1. It makes my heart so happy to read your blog and see your pictures every morning! You guys are doing such an awesome job and I am so very proud of your work. Averie, I can’t wait to hear your stories and learn how God has used your talents this past week! Hailey, I’m happy you were able to get a shower! Keep on blogging and posting pictures! It really puts my heart at ease! Lots of prayers and love going out to you all! The world is becoming better because of you!
    Mama Rita

  2. Bonswa Avery and Team,

    Every night, Mom and I look forward to reading the daily blog and viewing the pics of the day. We have been praying that all will experience and share God’s love in their own unique way during your wonderful week in Haiti. Love the stories and can certainly tell by the awesome pics that the Holy Spirit is working in each of you as well as the beautiful children of Haiti. I could even see your joy in sitting and picking up the rocks!

    Glad to see that all went well with installation of the Fowler Power. It warms our hearts to know that the children now have some way to cool down at night while they are sleeping and have available light when needed. Please give our best to Jody and family! We will continue to lift them up in prayer.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences and receiving my big hug! We miss you and love you much…….Dad and Mom

    Blessings to All!

  3. Hey Brady, keep up the good work. I enjoy reading the comments and seeing all the smiles in the pictures. All is good here. We love you.

  4. Emily!
    I keep putting your pictures on facebook and you are trending! #emilysmomiscool

    Love you!

  5. Prayers are being spoken each day for your entire group. Many, many prayers from all around! So many lives are touched not only in Haiti by the acts of love and kindness you all share, but also at home through the stories and pictures you each share. Thank you, one and all, for being the hands and feet of Christ! “Whatever you did for one of the least of these…you did for Me”

    Allison, we anxiously wait to hear all about your experiences. I pray each day that God lifts you up and shows you where you can serve Him best. We love you!


  6. Yoyoyooooo!!! Glad to see we have an addition to the Martin clan! Maddi and Mason miss y’all! Love the fun you’re obviously having. Al, love you tons! Praying big for everyone! God has apparently changed y’all’s plans a few times-probably for the better. Glad your hearts have been open to the changes and you’ve served with love. Praying the remainder of your time is precious.
    Love, love, loves!!!

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