Texas Tech 2015 – Day 7


Day Eight, (counting travel)


We arose as a team before the rise of the sun, around five in the morning to boat to a village west of the Missions Camp grounds called “ Kapa Fu “. The boat ride in it self was delightful, having never crossed the Caribbean Sea via boat was such a joy. Reminding me of the detailing of the father in his creation, but the freedom found in standing directly in his glory. There was an immediate joy that arose in the faces of those who populated the village as we arose, being so content with inviting a group of strangers into their homes. Namely being asked the question “ Why are you such a lighter skinned black male? “, it was such odd but blessing to answer nonetheless. Being able to watch the team of nurses administer medical care to the Haitians, lead a devotional/VBS, all the while articulating, the gospel and how the love of the good news has changed our lives, and endly ravishing the hearts of many.

Specifically, the Lord laid on the hearts of the nursing team to challenge the staff, but more so bless the people of the village with prayer as they exited the clinic after treatment. There was indeed a prayer team waiting for those who received treatment from the clinic, proclaiming freedom, and the vast love of Jesus over their lives with prayer and the lord moved. As the day progressed we proceeded to make our way back to campgrounds to be bussed down to the next town to be used by the lord in our teen conference held in “ Marrouge “. The lord moved ….


We were granted the opportunity to display how the Lord calls us to himself, but not only does he calls us but he calls us to obedience even it doesn’t make sense. With all the joy in the world, Brooke, Holly, and myself were granted the opportunity to share the hope we have in our obedience to the father, and how there is a motivation of obedience even the inconsistency of our affections for the lord, and how the Gospel so much reigns in how hearts to follow him. Speaking has always, been a love that I will forever cherish. I am grateful the Lord spoke through the three of us. The lord moved …


As the night ended we were blessed with a bonfire our by the ocean, food to our bellies, and a powerful exhortation from Jody Castillo. She spoke so deeply on truly living out a genuine, spirit filled life in complete dependence on Jesus. Sharing powerfully the need of the great commission to be a vital part of our lives. How beautiful are the feet of those who carry, preach and sharing the goodness of the gospel. If I am one that would so deeply share how the father has captured my heart, how deeply would I share the goodness of such news with those living in depravity. The lord moved …


If there are words; that expound ever so justly the level of dependence of the renewing life giving words of our saving bridegroom; it is all the more how he instructs, how he follows, how he alone saves, and how he alone will reign. There is a love of the father that sends such deep instruments of melody down my soul, pushing me to praise him for suffering so joyfully in the saving of his children. Building an agony in me longing for him to move in the hearts of those so far from him; but also igniting obedience in me to lay down in complete submittance to his voice. How great a love that one would die so insensibly for so many, but lastly invite and crown those in dependence & acknowledgment of him, as his own. All this is too say, I will forever exhort life, and life only in Christ, having seen such a grace, having found such a love, standing in the very hope of new life. Would you continue interceding on our behalf as we seek to be obedient, to be excellent in the grace given ministry we have the privilege to serve while remaining sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he instructs our team on its last days in Haiti.



Grace & Peace


Khalil Blaine



Hey people, this is Emily McIver (YAY!)


I am so excited to be writing this blog. As you just read, Khalil gave the basic outline of what our day looked like. I had been looking forward to our trip Kapa Fu ever since I was told that we were going there, since it was one of the highlights of my trip to Haiti last year. While in the village I had conflicting emotions of deep sadness along with extreme hope. It is so easy to see the physical brokenness of the word when you are standing in the middle of a village made up of huts made out of grass, however the joy of The Lord was upon many of the people there. Myself, Khalil, Avery, Hailey, and Shannon had the honor of using the little creole that we knew to ask people if we could pray over them and their houses, everyone we asked was more than willing to invite us into their huts and allowed us to pray alongside them to our God. That was definitely my favorite part of the morning.


Our afternoon spend in Marrouge was also very encouraging. I am in the “older teenage girls” small group. Today we were asked several questions concerning the message, as well as questions about American culture verses Haitian culture. I would definitely say that everyone one took something away from the conversation and I left feeling very blessed.


My heart is very heavy because tomorrow we are heading back to America and I do not want to go. I love Haiti; I love the radical dependence that occurs here when I am forced to trust in Him. I will miss my new Haitian friends, my babies at the orphanage, and the beautiful ocean. But I am trusting the God will be faithful to his people here, even after we leave. I cannot wait to elaborate on my time spent here at a later time, I love you all and I am encouraged each night when we read your comments on the blog. Please continue to pray for us, as we pray for you.


All the love,

Emily McIver


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  1. Beautiful words Khalil and Emily. Love to you all as you leave your temporary home in Haiti and God bless the Haitian people. Looking forward to hearing all the great stories of what God did and is doing in Haiti and in and through you. Blessings, love and asking God to be bring you safely home, Penny

  2. Avery & friends,

    We love reading your blogs daily. Each one has been a blessing as we can truly visualize your days through your pictures & words. Even though your week is ending the impact you have all had on each person you touched & on our own lives will last forever. You have shared God’s love, provided much needed education & medical care and more importantly loved unconditionally. What an inspiration to all of us as we live our daily lives!

    I loved seeing the picture of Avery & Averie with your beautiful new friend. The joyous smile on her face is amazing! What a difference you have made!

    Safe travels as you begin your travels back tonight! We miss you and cannot wait to hear all your wonderful stories of how God blessed those in Haiti!

    Love you bunches,

  3. Wow! What wonderful thoughts given throughout the week from each team member. Your hearts for the Lord and the people of Haiti are astounding and I love to hear how it has changed lives both on the team and in the country.

    Ty Allen, you are a rockstar. Literally SO excited to hear your voice tomorrow! Make sure you finish strong and with joy bursting out the seams. The Lord has done some pretty sweet things here and there [no doubt] and I’m beyond ready to share! Praying for you and the team always! Much love!

  4. It is truly so amazing to see that even when writing these every points everything back to the Father. Khalil, you talked about obedience when it’s hard and I believe that you are all doing that right now. It is so encouraging to read Emily saying thatshe loves the dependency that has to be had while there. I love all of y’all as brothers and sisters in Christ whether I have met you in person or not. Please know that I’m praying for y’all and I can’t wait to here stories in more detail after you get back.

  5. Cannot wait. …to see my boys….to experience Haiti with my girl in July. End well, sweet friends, and continue to bless others as you return to Lubbock.

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