Dr. Lillpop’s Team & PVBC 2015…Day 1

From Jacksonville – Dr. Lillpop’s Group

Hello from Haiti! We all made it safely and without incident. We had an early departure from Miami and an easy hop and a skip to Port au Prince in good time.

This was, for many of the group, their first experience in Haiti. Transferring to the little airport, as we affectionately refer to it, was easy and fun… a quick tap-tap ride. It took 3 small plane rides to get us all to Mole St. Nicolas – a small fishing town in the Northwest. We’re hoping that our checked bags make it here later tonight as they have supplies and tents….we’re well taken care of, in the meantime, though.

We’ve got a group of good workers and willing spirits. As I sit here typing this many of us have kids sitting on our laps, some are singing and others are playing soccer in the courtyard.   Some of us even had time to get to the beach, a short walk away.

As part of an orientation Jody sat down with us and spoke to the power of Jesus here…explaining that many here, and we, have no hope, except in Him. It’s a lesson that we all need to keep in mind – that the Jesus that’s saved us desires more than anything to bring others into fellowship with Him – we have such an amazing opportunity here to speak Jesus and show Him to people who may have circumstances beyond what we can imagine or believe.   Everyone says “ hello “ and we’ll tell you more as more happens!!   We’re preparing for worship now and a good night’s sleep!



Cassidy here! This is nothing like I expected. When our plane finally crossed over land in Haiti I was surprised by the homes. I expected more apartment-style living. What we really saw was what you see in movies: tin buildings with a clothesline as the front wall. The people drive crazy here, too! We spent our evening relaxing and I slipped on the tile around the pool. First night and I was already bleeding. But I’m feeling better today.

We had to fly into the Mole in 2 groups. The first group left around 8 am while 9 of us stayed back at the domestic side of the PAP airport and played card games for 2 ½ hours. They said they experienced quite a bit of turbulence but my group didn’t have much until we went through the rain clouds. We had to take about a 20-minute truck ride to the orphanage and to get across the little stream we drove down beside the bridge and through the water. On the way back up the hill, the truck broke down! The second half of us had to climb around the edges of the (might I add METAL) truck and somehow we all managed to keep from getting too wet.

We got to spend quite a bit of time loving on the orphans and took a walk around the town with Morgan, one of the staff, while she showed us the major buildings. I feel like I could go home today and have plenty of stories to tell and see our American lifestyles in a whole different way.

Alexis and Taylor- your Mom and Dad say hello, we love you, and we are hoping you are having fun with Grandpa and Grandma!

To Cassidy’s family- I finally got over my cold!!

To Elijah’s family- I love you, am looking forward to seeing you Friday. Emilee I can’t wait to talk about it!

Alisa’s family- I was in some pictures today! I made it! Love you all.

Lexie’s Family- I love you all so much! I’ve been able to experience so many cool things (even in one day of being here)! I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Brian’s family- I saw a picture of my new niece, she’s great! Haiti is really awesome, love you guys!

Hey this Nathan. We’ve only been in the mole for 1 day, but it feels like we’ve been here forever. I was with the first group to fly in to the Mole, so I had a lot of free time with the orphans, waiting for the other group to arrive. The orphans reminded me a lot of my little cousins. The orphans knew to feel my pockets for my phone/camera and other items. They loved my wallet, not because of the money that was in it, but because of my permit picture that was in the front pocket. They also liked my biceps. They would role up my sleeve on one arm to feel them and try to pull my arm down or squish it down, and then once they were done with that arm they would role the sleeve down, and start again on my other arm.

I also had, (had; it is currently up in a tree), a hacky sack/bean bag that they liked to throw around. They liked to imitate me when I would throw/kick the hacky sack. If I threw it underhand they would try to throw it under hand, if I threw it up and hit it with my hand like a baseball they would try to do the same, and if I placed on the top of my foot and kicked it up they would have a blast trying to do the same. The orphans didn’t care about what I let them play with, or what I didn’t let them play with; the only cared that I was there giving them attention. The orphans showed me that it’s not what you have that people care about, it’s the kind of person you are and the quality time you spend with them.


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  1. Hey everyone! Glad to hear you made it safe. We are praying for unity and fellowship for the team and also that Jesus Christ would be evident in everything you do. Be safe, be changed, and be Jesus. (KJ, that doesn’t just mean during the freedom drama.) Love, Dad and Mama Stahl

  2. Cassidy – Mom here! So glad you got over your cold, but maybe it was allergies that went away when you left Missouri? 😀 And an injured foot…. I’m heading out for some bubble wrap – lol. I hope it’s not too uncomfortable. It sounds like everyone is having a great time, especially the children. Did you find the children Sarah mentioned Wednesday? I’m very glad you grabbed me that day in October, dragged me to the meeting and talked me into letting you go.

    I have looked forward to the blog update and Chase’s email all day and it was an extra surprise to see your update. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s update. We love you and miss you and are constantly praying for you all. Rick is taking your prayer card with him to NE this week!

  3. Cassidy, surprised to hear that blood-letting cures the common cold. Benjamin misses you “to the moon and back” as we all do. Praying for you as you do the Lords work. To the team- Mathew 5:14-16

  4. Greetings to everyone! Especially Alisa!😊 So glad to hear of safe arrival of people and luggage. Not too thrilled to hear of voodoo week. We will continue to pray that each and everyone will be empowered by the love and grace of our Wonderful Counselor, our Mighty God, our Everlasting Father, our Prince of Peace and whose name, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will be written on his robe and thigh our Lord Jesus Christ who was once dead but rose again conquering death. Praise His Holy Name and may He bless you all. We love you Alisa! Mom and Dad aka Marie and Jim☺️

  5. So glad that you all made it safely and that you’re getting to experience more of God’s big world. I’m praying that each of you will grow deeper in love with Jesus on this trip. He is all that any of us need. Go get ‘Em, Parker and Lexie!! I love you guys!! Give Miss Beth a big hug from me!!

  6. Jack & Marla,
    Glad to see you made it safely and it looks like great weather. I will pray for your health,stamina and protection as you prepare for the week ahead. Chase has the updates going out and I was good to see the pictures of your trip so far. Enjoy your time at the beach today and movie tonight! Love you guys!

  7. Parker – So glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. The house is not the same without you and we all miss you so much!

    For you and the whole team – as you all prepare to begin sharing the Freedom Drama tomorrow, I am praying for you…”The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.” (Isaiah 9:2). Thank you for being His light, loving His people, and sharing His love in the darkness. Be bold as you share and I can’t wait to hear from you all once you are home!


  8. Timothy and fellow amazing team members,
    So happy to hear you guys made it safely! You all have a plethora of constant prayers coming from us back home! (I personally can’t wait for each update email!) They are anxiously awaited for, and much appreciated by all, believe me.

    Keep your spirits up and your smiles on!! Be that somebody to make the change you are wanting to see!

    with love,

  9. Nathan’s parents here – Nathan we enjoyed reading your post. I’m sure that the kids in Haiti love you as much as your cousins do. Patches is lost without you. About your biceps, what happened? Did you get stung by a bee?

    You have several people asking about you and your team and praying for you all.

    Love you.

  10. Hey team!
    Y’all don’t know me, but my name is Ty. I just returned from my second trip to the Mole and am glad that y’all have mede it safely. God is doing great things in and around northwest Haiti. I see that y’all have found the adorable orphans and started to show them love. The love that those children give is one that can melt a heart of stone. I encourage y’all to love the people that you come into contact with, like those orphans love you. With joy that cannot be tamed and with a hope for things ahead. First timers, I encourage you to be patient and find peace in the fact that Haitian time is relative and theres not telling when you will do what. Also I encourage y’all to get out of your comfort zones and allow God to use you. Listen to Morgan, she is awesome.
    Prayers from Lubbock Texas,
    Ty Lust

  11. Hey Team, so glad to hear you are all safe & doing well. Praying for hearts & ears to be opened, for stamina and health! Veronica, praying 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. Soak it all in!

  12. Hi Everyone! It’s Beth and Tom – Lexie’s parents! We’re praying for each of you as you respond to God’s calling. “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” Be bold as you share His love to the lost!!

    Lexie – We love you immensely girlie! Things are much too quiet and tame without you sweet girl! Be the light!

  13. Nathan- this is Grandma. Sorry, this probably won’t get to you until tomorrow at dinner. Enjoyed all the comments and pictures. I’m sure the kids are having fun with you. Hope you are liking the food there. I’ve been praying for you and the team.

  14. Happy to hear you made it safely. Enjoy your time there.

    Susan, Cierra, and Kendra

  15. Nathan – this is Aunt Becky. We are praying for you and your team and very proud of you for loving and serving God! Have fun and we look forward to reading your blog.

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