Dr. Lillpop’s Group & PVBC 2015 …Day 4

From Dr. Lillpop’s Group

They didn’t get a chance to blog today but I will fill you in on their day. They saw 101 patients today in the clinic. We turned away about 50 more just because we didn’t have time to see everyone.

Two of the ladies & 4 of the teens went with the drama team to MareRouge to pick up 16 goats!! These animals were purchased by the team and the Pastor has picked out 8 needy families to receive a pair of goats. We also have a dozen chickens to give away tomorrow too! Though it was quite the adventure for PVBC to ride with the goats – definitely a story to remember – these goats are going to change the lives of 8 families who yesterday had no hope of caring for their children. 

Tonight is movie night at the town square so everyone left and they didn’t get a chance to write.

It’s been such a blessing to this community to have the medical team here. Everyone in town is talking about the amazing service they are providing! Lots of pregnant mommas were also able to learn the gender of their baby, if they were measuring okay, & making sure there was just one bun in the oven! Pretty awesome!


From PVBC Group:

Kaylee and Alisa here! We are excited to share that today was a great day! We preformed the Freedom Drama four times, most of which we did while dry. It sprinkled a little, but that’s nothing compared to yesterday. Thank goodness!

But the real story is what we had to ride with: goats. So many goats. They were tied up by their hooves and laid under our seats, which really decreased our elbowroom. As could be expected, they bleated a lot, and they sounded like people! But even with God pushing our comfort zones to the max, we were able to continue sharing the Good News. We had some awesome conversations with the people who saw the drama. (While here, we’ve made up a word, “quale,” which means awesome, so you could say the conversations were pretty quale.) All in all, despite the very interesting sights, sounds, and smells we’ve been experiencing, we’re having a quale time doing the Lord’s work. Much love to everyone back in the States!


Do you know how hard it is to be in pictures! Especially when it is pouring down rain or when we have 16 goats on the truck??? I’m only at 180 pics, so only 320 more! Sincerely, you know who.


Ryan and Shannon here. This has been quite the adventure so far. We are so blessed to be a part of this team and have enjoyed getting to know the students and bringing the gospel out into Haiti. Even though we endured rain all day yesterday and a smashed truck full of people and goats today, it has truly been amazing. We love you all and thank you so much for keeping all of us in your prayers. Alexis and Taylor, we love you and miss you so much! Keep being good for grandma and grandpa! West Englewood friends, tell my first graders I miss them! Mom and Dad Helms, thank you for taking care of our babies and we hope our fish friends are happy and we love you and miss you! Mom and Dad Taylor, we love you and miss you! God Bless!


Lexie and Veronica here! Goats. So many goats. Veronica really, really, really, really, really hates goats at the moment. Human feet are apparently a good bathroom for goats. On another note, the freedom drama went extremely well. The first time we performed, around 5 people made the decision to give their lives to Christ. The viewers of the drama had amazing questions. A man in the last village actually wanted to pray for us. Everything that happened today made us all see that we are comfortable being out of our comfort zone.

We each have a reason why today could be considered bad, but we all know that is just Lucifer trying discourage us. We also found out that Troy is a goat whisper, because he was able to calm them down in some of the worst spots. Brian was able to translate everything for us because he is able to speak goat fluently. BRIANS A BABE. (That’s from Brian…) Anyway, there have been so many reasons where I personally have really wanted to give up on everything but then stepping back and thinking of the people I’m trying to share the gospel with and love on I realized that I can’t. I will admit that today I did kind of lose it and was just very irritated with really, everything. Despite everything I came back and Mikela wanted me to teach her a dance so I guess you can say I went back to my comfort zone. Much Love to everything back home, we miss you all very much!! Love you!! Kisses –A 😉


Hey everyone!! Today was quite the day on the truck but with my past experience with goats and smelly things I was able to push through! Time for the movie but I love and miss you all! –Cassidy


Hi guys! I miss you all and can’t wait to see you say hi to Scotty and Chris for me love you- Elijah


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  1. It was so god to hear from you! I can’t wait to hear the stories!! All is going very smoothly at West Englewood so you just focus on God and have fun while you serve! I am praying! Love you too Ryan!!!

    1. Hi from Jacksonville Illinois MPS G6. Shout out to Heather and Hayden. Keep doing God’s work. We are all HIS children! Proud of you!!!!!

  2. Well V I am sorry you had goat issues. I am sure you now have much appreciation for farmers, especially of goat farmers. I am surprised you didn’t make any goat friends since you are the animal lover. Speaking of animals…Rocky and Beazley miss you. They told me themselves. I know this is out of your comfort zone and I am praying for you. Don’t let satan get to you. He will try and has, I am sure. Keep your eyes on the prize.
    Oh by the way, you have a new cousin. Your Aunt Katherine and Uncle Will had a little boy today. William Jr. and he is adorable. Mom and baby are doing well. Love and miss you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Mother

  3. Sounds like you all had quite the adventure today. We had Jaxon and Jacey over today. Beautiful weather here, so they played outside and also worked in the yard. Yes, I did say worked in the yard….raking up leaves. Did it all on their own…lol. Remind me to tell you the corn dog story when you get home!!

  4. Hi Cassidy! John Paul and I got a kick out of the goat story. He says you should be used to goats and chickens! And he says a chicken has “unloaded” on you before…LOL! Seriously though, very proud of all of you for enduring that to bless 8 needy families. Amazing how blessed we are to have our pantries overflowing with food that doesn’t always get eaten…..

    Hope you enjoy the movie – goat-free – and we’ll continue to pray for the Freedom Drama. Love you and miss you a lot!! Mom

  5. Nathan: Sounds like you are having a lot of new adventures! Since I think you are on the Drama team, you must have been with the goats. Amazing one goat can provide for a family which would have gone hungry. I continue to pray that God will use you and all the team as you minister to the people in Haiti and tell them how much Jesus loves them.
    Love you, Grandma

  6. Hello Team! How good it is to get your updates, whether the challenges and struggles or the blessings that come in the form of those challenges and struggles, and we especially love hearing about people that have chosen to follow Christ. I know I speak for more than myself when I say that we live vicariously through your experiences. So, thank you!

    KJ, we are thrilled to see that you are still alive after the goat ride (or at least we assume you are alive). We sure miss you around home but again, we wouldn’t wish you home for even a moment knowing that you a re exactly where God has called you. We love seeing the joy on your face in pictures. As you reach out to those around you, son, continue to allow the Holy Spirit to reach you within. We love you so much. Daddy and Mama xoxo
    Hugs and kisses and mama squishes!

    Troy ~ Your first two pics on the blog are great shots! Looks like you got a jump start on your senior pics! LOL

  7. ATTENTION PV TEAM!!!!! This is urgent news that you all need to be aware of. I’m just joking there is no urgent news or anything, I just wanted to get your attention. I hope you are all doing fantastic in the beautiful country of Haiti. But how couldn’t you be?? Brad I hope you brought enough white pills…make sure to save some for the plane ride. Marla…make sure to color with the kids there. They will appreciate that more than I would. Don’t be missing any of this American stuff either. It’s all overrated. Enjoy that rice while you can. Anyway, that is all for now. See you soon!

    Hannah (Mellema that is)

    Also, shoutout to my girl Malaya!!!

  8. Well, kids, its sounds like quite a ride in the truck today! Hope the students recover! You never know what life experiences will teach you lol ;). Team-I write today to encourage and to challenge all of you to push through the last two days of ministry there as you have never given before. You all worked months to prepare and when you blink you will be winging your way home. The memories will last a long while. However those you reach now for our Father will be changed forever. Be the light! Praying foryou all. ……….Cassidy, luv you. Dad

  9. Nathan, hey this is Aunt Becky. I think your pictures are super cool. Have a good time, be safe, and continuing serving Christ! love you.

  10. Timothy and fellow amazing team members,

    So happy you guys made it safely! Brian and Troy, I’m also estatic for you guys that God has revealed to you your goat communication talents, haha! God is truly working in each and every one of you and I am so blessed just to be praying for such an awesome team!
    Keep working together and loving on each other as much as you are to the Haitians! And remember how much your smiles mean to the all people around you. Keep smiling and showing love! Stay strong and excited for each day and give every task all you have! You all are doing AWESOME!!

    With prayers and love,

  11. Nathan,
    Now you have something in common with your cousin Ivan. He has 13 goats and one of them had had twins this week. Your dad and Brandon will be here tomorrow. I know you will come home with lots of stories and I want to hear them all. And never forget we love you and Jesus loves you. 😊

    1. Nathan,
      We got to Grammys house just a few minutes ago and thought of you. We wanted to say Hi.

  12. Shannon and Ryan we love you and miss you. The truck ride with the goats sounds like a fun adventure. Alexis and Taylor are doing great. They love you bunches and miss you. We can’t wait to hear your wonderful stories. Give all the beautiful children of Haiti our love. Praying for you every day. God bless you and all of your team members!!
    Love, Mom and Dad Taylor

  13. Hello everyone! What another day of excitement (more people coming to Christ) and surprises! (goats! Would you, could you ride a truck with a goat?) I had myself a chuckle today about Alisa though. Just the day before she left for Haiti she said, “I just love rain. I’m going to live where it rains all the time. Just curious if she still feels the same way after yesterday. We just love hearing all the reports of your loving and serving the people there. Continue to lift each other up with words of encouragement and love on each other so that they may see Christ in your love. Looking forwards to the next post to read the next surprise. Love you Alisa! Jim and Marie

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. Troy, I am so glad you have these beautiful pics. I have already saved them on my computer. I hope that you feel that your ministry work has been going better than you expected (even through the uncomfortable-ness). I’ve been praying that God is sheltering you through it all! Team, I challenge you to see who can get the greatest picture of Troy doing some good work! I can’t wait to hear how the movie night went, hopefully it went well! I’m glad to hear about the life-change that is happening across all of these villages in Haiti! Have fun and keep up the great work, I’ll be here praying!

  15. Sounds like you guys had quite an eventful day! I hope you all are well rested and having a great time! Good to know that Troy is a goat whisperer. You never know when you can use that talent. Hopefully, it will come in handy in the future. Troy, I am also happy to see you in some awesome pictures! I hope you are all having a blast and will use the experiences to help you grow.

    Have fun!

  16. The pictures of Haiti look beautiful we can’t wait for you to come back and tell us all your stories we love and miss you Alexis and Taylor.

  17. Hey PV Students – You guys are doing awesome at persevering through various challenges. Thank you for modeling to our whole church what it looks like to live your life on mission. I pray you guys continue to see the Resurrection power of our Lord while you continue to proclaim the gospel that sets the captives free. Remember that Jesus is Lord of Haiti and He has already gone before you in everything you are doing as you minister in His name. I wish I could be there beside you.

    Brad, Marla, Ryan and Shannon — We are continuing to you lift you up as well, as you lead the students and do all of the behind the scenes ministry that makes it possible for them to carry out what God has called them to do.

    Parker – we miss you so much…the Overby home is not the same without you. We can’t wait to hear all of the stories of God’s work in your life and in the team when you get back. I love you, Babydoll! Give Jose, Jody, Miss Beth, and Pierre big hugs from Pastor Tim.

  18. Hey Parky… We love you and miss you! I do have to say that our room is extremely empty and definitely way more quiet without you! I can’t wait for you to come home and I hope you have an awesome rest of your time! Remeber that we’ll be praying for you! Love you! <3 (-Abigail)

  19. Bonswa teams in the Mole! I have so loved being able to follow your trip this week through the blogs and pictures. I haven’t had internet access at my house (living on the edge too!) so sorry if my comment gets a little long (or a lot long), this is all I’ve been wanting to say in reading your posts.

    Jacksonville group –
    I just wanted to praise God for your willingness to go where He has called you, even if it’s outside your comfort zone. I am amazed by the way He has been using your team and the number of people you have been able to see and serve at the clinic. What a mighty God we serve! I’m sure that your service has been such a blessing to the community and that your impact goes way beyond the medical care you are providing. Wish I could see the clinic in action (it’s looking better & better Jody!). Praying for the rest of your time in the Mole, that you all will continue to be pushed outside your comfort zones and not let anything hold you back from pouring it all out for Him.

    PV friends –
    I am so proud of your willingness and joy to serve in all sorts of conditions! The rain, mud, heat, long truck rides, and critter adventures sure make things interesting! I’m praying that God will continue to refresh and replenish you as you empty yourself each day and that He will give you joy and a positive attitude no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. There is such power in the gospel and you have been sharing it daily through the Freedom Drama, praise God for changed lives and saved souls! I’m praying for those who saw the drama today and rejoicing for our new Haitian brothers/sisters. Also praying for the fun activities you all have planned for tomorrow and that you would be a blessing to the staff there!

    Troy –
    What is it with you and the critters? You seem to always have a way with them during adventures in Haiti. Chickens and goats and Troy, oh my! 🙂 Proud of you little bro, for your willingness to go and for loving on the sweet people of Haiti. Love on all the kiddos for me and say hi to all my friends! I’m missing them dearly! Hope you’ll continue to pour yourself out and follow God’s leading each day as He stretches and grows you further outside your comfort zone to reach others for Him. Can’t wait to hear all the stories and see the pictures when you get back!

    My Haitian family/friends (including the Castillo clan, Miss. Beth, & Morgan)
    Mwen renmen nou e sonje nou tout! I’m really missing you all down there but I love getting updates or seeing pics that you can post (even from the edge of the internet!) I’m praying that God will continue to refresh you all as well, especially with all the teams and activities going on! Praying for continued health and protection in the upcoming months. Also praying that God will continue to grow each of you in your faith and understanding of Him as well as grow you closer together as a team, that you would lock shields and be united on the mission field where you are.

    Love recklessly and be completely present each moment you have in Haiti!
    1 Corinthians 15:58 –
    “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain”

  20. Hello Team!! It is always a treat to read the blogs, I look forward to it every evening along with Jody’s tweets throughout the day. Seeing the smaller groups of Haitians on rainy Monday compared to the larger gatherings yesterday and today makes my heart smile. So many lives are being changed by you ! Prayers continually be sent up for you. Finish strong in the Lord !

    Kaylee and Grace – we miss you, love you to the moon and back infinity ! The critters are getting needy… they want you !! Yes, Grace. I’ve been tucking Clara in nice and tight and she’s been sleeping real good – with us. We’re proud of you girls for taking on this task of sharing God’s truths, and look forward to seeing your sweet faces.

    Lots of Love,
    Mom and Dad.

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