Rooted- Day 7

WAAAH! The trip is coming to an end!

I can’t think about that though. We still have over twenty-four hours here in the Mole and today was awesome! It’s Darcy by the way. We woke up at 7:15 and came to the cafeteria. My devotional was this morning! I’d never done a devotional before but I think it went well. I talked about Philippians 4:6, check it out it’s an incredible verse 🙂 Anyways, after we ate breakfast we went straight out to the beach to catch our boat ride to Preskul. Preskul is a fishing village about 30 minutes away from the mission base. The ride was amazing, and the views are incredible. Mom, I took TONS of photos that I’ll post on Facebook when I get back to the states! Anyways, when we were pulling into the beach in Preskul, immediately we saw fish in the boat next to us, super fresh! It was awesome. The people there live in literal huts, made of palm tree leaves. It was amazing to see the difference between where we are staying and this tiny fishing village. Most of the children did not have on any clothes, but their favorite snack was the fruit snacks that Collin brought. Once there, we ran a small clinic to tend to some of the people of Preskul and help out in any way we can. While Morgan and others were at the clinic, a few of the girls and I painted the finger/ toe nails of some of the women of the community! They loved the pink especially. While in the village, I was praying nonstop and God really opened my eyes to how simple life can be. In the states, people get so caught up in the what and why and where of things. We American’s worry A LOT. In Preskul, all they did was fish, take care of their children, play, love one another, and love God. Things don’t have to be go go go constantly, simply loving Jesus will calm the storm. That’s something I’ve always struggled with, especially being a college student. I worry about everything, especially my grades and exams. I think I have to do it all by myself and can’t rely on God. That is not true! ALL I have to do is rely on God. God always provides, I don’t need to worry. If the people here who are simply trying to survive aren’t worrying, I have absolutely no reason to worry.

After Preskul, we came back to the base and I personally took a nap in the cafeteria lying on a bench. I quickly found that lying on a bench is MUCH cooler than our room. So Dawn, Dustin and I took naps. I woke up to people leaving for the hut to hut evangelism. We walked up a (small) mountain to the more impoverished area of the Mole and did exactly what hut to hut evangelism sounds like! We walked and… as time went on and we prayed for more and more people, and I just really felt God’s grace and power. I walked past a barefoot elderly woman struggling to walk with one crutch and one stick up a pretty steep hill and said “Jezi remen ou” which means “Jesus loves you” and the grandma (with the very helpful use of one of the translators, Saintania) just started praising Jesus, telling me that Jesus blessed her so much throughout her life and Jesus HAS to love her because otherwise she wouldn’t be alive. She said I have to trust Jesus with my life so I can receive blessings as well. I love the people of Haiti.

Shoutout to (again) Mama Val. I love you, Mama and cannot wait to talk to you personally about this incredible experience. Shoutout to my sister Tenika, I love you! Lyukae… YOU ARE MOBILE, MY PRECIOUS NEPHEW! Holy moly, you’re growing so fast! I can’t wait to see you again. Walking before you’re one year old, huh? What a man <3 Hi, Grandma!!! Happy late (grand)Mother’s Day! I love you Gramma Babe. Also, happy late (grand)Mother’s Day to my dearest grandma L.C. I will call you when I land in America. I LOVE YOU, FAMILY!!! Talk to you all soon!

-Darcy Larae Peter


Hey everyone,


Today has been a huge blessing! Today was the day that I was looking forward to the least. I know it sounds awful, but it’s the truth. Evangelism is something that I tend to struggle with and today we went to a fishing community and evangelized and then went around the town that we are staying in and evangelized. Yep, a full day of evangelism…


God definitely was holding my hand today. I was really nervous going into today and walking around the town. When I got to the people’s houses and started talking with the people and asking if I could pray for them, my fears went away. I got to pray for a family that lost their son 5 days earlier, had a paralyzed son and a son that was doing some crazy things. I was also able to pray for a woman who was ill, a man that had not yet found Christ and several others. I just ask everyone that is reading this blog to pray for those families that I mentioned today. I’m going out and doing it again tomorrow as well. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know more tomorrow. It’s getting late and I’ve gotta let everyone catch some shut eye for tomorrow. Oh, today was the first day that we saw any rain since we have been here. Woot woot. Did I tell you today was a great day? God bless and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


Whitney G.!



  1. Again, we waited all evening to see the blog come through! Praising God for His leading in all your lives! Crazy excited to hear all your stories when you get back! Collin, so glad you took those fruit chews! Love and miss you! Already praying about your trip back!

  2. You guys are so inspiring and testimonies of God’s promises! Thank you for using your great faith!

  3. It looks like you guys had such a great time today! I can’t wait to see all of you so very soon. I miss all of you so much!! 🙂 Praying for a safe lastish day and a safe return to Durango!

  4. I love reading all the blogs and seeing the pictures……You guys are touching so many lives and will come home with many memories and you will be changed……Praying energy and blessings for your last days…….Hope you get this Zack…….for some reason my other messages haven’t gone through……Mom and technology!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds like such a great day! So proud of all of you for doing things outside of your comfort zone…I’m sure God was a happy Papa today! Love all the pictures! Zack, your parents have been trying to leave a comment but having a hard time…they said to tell you they’re reading everyday and love all the pictures! Love you and can’t wait to see you in a couple days!

  6. Zack……Love reading all the blogs and seeing all the pictures……Wow….you guys have been busy and are touching so many lives……Praying for lots of energy to get through the last few days……I have sent many messages and for some reason you aren’t getting them…..Mom and technology. Praying for you last days and safe travel home……Mom

  7. Looks like you are having a good time & doing great work! Keep pictures coming. Love you & miss you, Whitney!!

  8. Love reading your posts Darcy. Can’t wait to see the pics you took….when you get back. This is a wonderful blog site!! I wish more people used it. It’s awesome!! It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you went back to the Mole again. What a great way to do God’s work! The Alaskan prayer warriors continue up-lifting you and team Rooted in prayer. Team Rooted is also on the prayer list at St Matthew’s Episcopal Church here in Fairbanks. Know that we love you!!

  9. This blog is not liking our comments because it isn’t posting them! 🙁 we will try again! Loved all the Mother’s Day greetings! Collin, awesome! Luke, love the cornrows! Can’t believe Collin didn’t do it, oh wait! 🙂 We wait in anticipation each night for the post and pics. Thanks to each of you for sharing your hearts and ht God is doing! Makes us feel a little bit like we are with you! So cool to see you all loaded on boats and out in the villages. Praying already for you as you say goodbyes, I’m sure you are each leaving a piece of your hearts there! Praying for your travels home too! Love and miss you Collin! Ok honestly, love and miss you all!

  10. Enjoy reading your post and seeing how God is working through all of you. What amazing work you all are doing in the name of our Lord and Savior. Praying for all of you. Love you Dawn and so very proud. Banny & Poppy

  11. Man, you been there a week already? What you guys are doing is so cool, we’re all so proud of you back here in Alaska. Lyukae can’t wait to show his auntie how he waddles!

  12. Reading your blog has been inspiring to me! I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures from evangelism, playing with kids, trying to sleep, painting fingernails, devos to bonding and cornrows! The whole team will continue to be in my prayers! I love all! 🙂 Thanks for taking a step out of your comfort zone and being the hands and feet of Jesus! You da best! 🙂

  13. I was reading this Psalm and it totally reminded me of you guys! “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling” Psalm 68: 5 Keep channeling God! 🙂 Also, ” The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng” Psalm 68:11 Girl power my darlings! Praise Jesus’ name because he brought it! You are already mighty and beloved!! 🙂

  14. Darcy, words cannot describe how proud I am of you and all your friends. It brings me to tears reading about you painting girls’ nails, helping everyone there, and just being a kind person. The world needs more people like you! Everyone there is going to remember this for the rest of their lives, and it is amazing to know that people around the world are existing and loving you! I can’t wait to see more pictures, I love you to the moon and back <3 Proud of all you other guys, too! Keep up the good work and have safe travels!

  15. Love reading your blogs and seeing all your pictures. It is amazing to see how you are changing lives through God’s word and how the people of Haiti are changing your lives. David, can’t wait to hear your wonderful stories about your trip and see your smiling face. Prayers for your group’s return. Love you and miss you. Thank you for the mother’s day message. I printed the picture and it is on the fridge, best gift ever!!

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