Rooted- Day 8

Rooted ended their last day in the Mole like champs! Unfortunately the Internet ate the blog they wrote…so I’ll just give you a brief update from them.


First, they all shout out to their loved ones! They have loved hearing from you each evening as you have commented on their blogs and encouraged them. Zack says “Hi, to his wifey!” And Luke shouts out to whoever is reading this!


Everyone was tired and sore today but that did not stop them from pouring out every last bit of energy and sweat within their bodies. 🙂 Dawn, Amanda, and Erinn helped out in the clinic as we saw over eighty patients today. The rest of the crew was back on the roof hauling rocks, sand, and blocks so that the construction of the dorms could continue. By the afternoon, everyone was a bit loopy as we continued hauling things up the roof, but they did it with a smile and kept going until Boss Nene said we were done.


All of us in the Mole have been truly blessed by team Rooted. Thank you so much to their families, friends, and church community who made it possible for them to come on this trip! Our community and campus will miss them and hope to see them return to the Mole again!


Please be praying for a smooth and safe bus ride to Port au Prince tonight for the group!


Morgan Brouk

Mole Intern






  1. Yayyy! Way to go friends! Sounds like yall worked so hard today! Morgan, thanks so much for all your hospitality and help coordinating, you’re the best!

  2. MaMa Val reads these posts. That’s who!! Too bad we lost today to cyber space..but hey, at least we have the pictures! Yay! Can’t wait to talk to you Darcy Peter. Your nephew is so totally amazing!! walking everywhere and getting into everything! Yay! Super Duper Love you! Prayers continue for Team Rooted! You all are so awesome! Peace out! MaMa Val

  3. P.S. Love that “Alaska Grown” tee Miss Darcy Peter!!! Two thumbs waaaaaay up!!

  4. Safe travels home! Can’t wait to hear allll about it! 🙂 Gods smiling right now!

  5. I think the internet ate all my post except the last day????? Or maybe mama Julie doesn’t know what she is doing!!!!!! So excited to hear all about it……I know you guys touched lots of lives and spread gods word, but……you will come back changed too…..Safe travels

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