Swiney Family Update….Day 1

Hello from Haiti!!! What a great experience the last 24 hours have been! Blessings everywhere. Our trip from Nashville to Charlotte began with our seatmate being the child of missionaries who grew up in the Congo.! We KNOW God put her there to help prepare us for our time here. On the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Port Au Prince,, we sat with an Emylee who is a Senior in college. She was traveling to Haiti alone for a 2-month internship and has never been to Haiti before! Again, we know God put us together because she was alone in a foreign country and spoke French! So we stayed with her until her ride arrived and she helped us because she knew French!

Today’s highlight for Emily was seeing the orphans she loves so much for the first time since January!   The kids remembered her and were so happy to be with her again. I (Karen) loved watching Emily show them Christ’s unconditional love. The highlight of my day was flying in the four-seater plane over this BEAUTIFUL country! At one point I was singing “How Great Thou Art” (Emily was asleep and the pilot had his headphones on) because of the amazing rugged, beauty of the land. We both agree walking around the village and seeing so many sweet, kind people was also a highlight.

Tomorrow we will be working at the clinic in the morning and doing Hut to Hut Ministry in the afternoon. Please pray for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to be sensitive to his direction and to pour His love out on everyone we meet.

Elizabeth, please tell Ellie her mommy & grandmommy miss her! 🙂 We love you all!


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  1. I miss y’all so much and so does Ellie!! I’m so glad to see y’all are doing well and having fun! Good luck on the hut to hut trip tomorrow! I love you both so much!

  2. Waited for the post all night, but didn’t see it until this morning. So happy to hear about the people God put in your path during travel. Praying for continued peace as you share God’s love.

  3. Blessings from Ohio. Hope u are able to touch the lives of many and know ur lives will be forever changed. Love being able to follow ur day to day lives. Traveled in one of those tiny planes
    many yrs. ago. What an adventure in itself!

  4. Karen and Emily, so glad the trip was good and to know you made it safely. I know you will gain alot from this trip and I admire people who can do this. Can’t wait to hear all the details when you return. Love, Sharon

  5. Love the awesome story of your travels. Can’t wait to hear more!!! Love you both! Aunt Marg.

  6. Enjoyed hearing about your amazing trip. Looking forward to hearing about your daily activities. All is well here. Aunt Barbara’s recovery going great. Em, be sure to wear sun screen! Love to both of u. MeMaw

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