Swiney Family Update….Day 2

Happy Tuesday! It’s been a happy one here!   The day started with yummy pancakes and fresh mango! Beth led us in a great devotional and then we headed to the clinic for the morning. We had such a great time meeting the Haitian women, men and children there. Two families came with their handicapped children because they heard there were people who wanted to help them. One of the things Emily wanted to do was work with families of handicapped children while she was here and this is what the 2 summer interns want to do also. God is amazing and his plans are so perfect! Karen got to hold a 2 month old baby boy for most of the time and Emily was a pharmacy tech!

After clinic time, Emma & Susan (the interns), a translator, Emily & I went to the homes of the handicapped kids. We were amazed at how far they walked to come to the clinic! These mommas are so sweet and so kind and such good mothers. The love and hospitality we felt at their homes was incredible & we could feel God’s spirit in the home. We will go back on Thursday. Please pray for us to share God’s love & acceptance of all to these families and to give us wisdom to know the best ways to help the children and families.

After a yummy lunch of Emily’s favorite –Hatian Spaghetti (which I learned to make), we headed to town for some hut to hut ministry. We found the most amazing group of kiddos and jumped rope, played duck, duck, goose and London Bridge. Even one of the men jumped rope and was so happy he went around shaking all our hands because he was able to do it. After hut-hut, we went to the orphanage and loved on the kiddos. They are so sweet and so happy and so fun to love on and hold. I think we get more from them than we could ever give to them

Tomorrow morning we go to the fishing village of Preskul and then pour some love out on the women who work here! This will include arts & crafts, pedicures, back rubs and a devotional. Please pray that they feel loved and cherished because of this.

Thank you all for your messages! Elizabeth, we miss you but know we are RIGHT where God wants us. We love you all!!!

Karen & Emily


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner! Thy were so happy to hear from you all!


  1. Glad your day went well. Love the photos of the children. Keeping u both in my prayers.

  2. I’m so happy for you all. I’m so happy for the people in Haiti that get to know you and Em. I just cried a little reading your day 2 and seeing you holding that baby. I see God filling you up in your pictures. Everyone you two blessings come in contact with will forever remember you all. I know God is using you all in the most glorious ways. We love and miss you all. Have fun, and keep sharing Jesus!

  3. Another beautiful day of service! God is at work!, Karen I hope that was you writing that you learned how to make Haitian spaghetti. Sarah wants to make it and doesn’t trust me to try an online recipe. Praying for everyone as you go to Preskul and work with the staff!

  4. Day 2 looks like it has been so much fun! The kids and baby are so cute! Emily, I’m so happy you got to work with some handicapped kids, I know you really wanted to! Have a great day in the fishing village tomorrow, I’m praying for safe travels! And have a blast with the ladies at the orphanage!! I know they will be so happy to get pampered! Brileigha won’t stop asking for KayKay! She misses you and I got her to say “Haiti” today. I love you both so much and can’t wait to hear about tomorrow!! Love, Elizabeth/Sissy and Ellie Belle

  5. It looks like day 2 went great and was so much fun! Those kids and the baby are so cute!! Emily, I’m glad you got to work with some handicapped children, I know you were wanting to! I hope your trip to the fishing village goes well tomorrow and have fun pampering the ladies at the orphanage tomorrow! I know they will appreciate and love it!! Mom, Brileigha keeps asking for KayKay every time I see her and I got her to say “Haiti” tonight. She misses you! I can’t wait to see all of your pictures! I love you all so much! Love, Elizabeth/Sissy and Ellie Belle

  6. It makes my heart smile to read your updates.😊 I’m so happy that you 2 are having such a great experience. I wish everyone could have an experience like this so maybe we could all get back to finding joy in the simply things in life. The vision, of the man jumping rope and then being so excited because he was able to do it, is priceless. Give those sweet kiddos, who are struggling with disabilities, a big hug and extra loving from Aunt Kristie. You know I would love to get my hands on them!! ❤️ Hug all those sweet Mommas a little extra tight for me! Where would the world be without Mommas willing to sacrifice so much for their children?! And all those sweet, sweet orphans without Mommas…thank the Lord they have such wonderful people like you all, Jody and her family, Kathie and all the other wonderful people that give of their time to show so much love to these precious kiddos. Give them some love, hugs and kisses from Aunt Kristie too.

    We have been trying to help out Elizabeth having to deal with being without her Momma for 10 days and Elizabeth has been such a blessing taking Abby to VBS. Abby is having the best time! She wanted to be in the same class as Tate so it’s Abby and a bunch of boys. Haha! She is having so much fun and looks forward to it every night! Mom has fed El and Abby dinner for the last 2 nights. Jacob mowed your yard last night. Jacob, Abby and I went with Elizabeth to Lowes yesterday to help her pick out a paint color that matches her bedding. Well you can imagine, with my lack of style and decorating ability, how little help I was! However, I did text the cousins a picture of the bedding and “help!” Kellie and Littia came through for us and helped El pick out the color via text. Thank God for the cousins!

    Well I need to go pick up Jacob from cross country. I hope today is as priceless as the first 2. I love you both and look forward to reading your next update! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aunt Kristie and Sister!

  7. Hey Emily…have you been wearing sunscreen? I hope I don’t have to say “you should have worn sunscreen” AGAIN! 😋

  8. Wow what an awesome experience!!! God is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!! Look forward to hearing about today!❤️❤️❤️ Aunt Margaret

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