Swiney Family Update…Day 9

We are sad to see our time in Haiti end but are excited to be home and see everyone. We had clinic today and got to see the sweet baby we met last week, helped clean and dress a pretty serious sore on a man’s leg, painted some nails and did some coloring. Please pray for him – for wisdom for Jody and Morgan to know how to best help him and for healing. Unfortunately, Emily got a little dehydrated and had to leave and go to the room to lie down. She is better now! Construction continues on the foundation for the church and I continue to be amazed by the work & resourcefulness that goes into building this.

Some of the ladies came and did a market for us.   Again, they are so sweet and so kind. We had a great time with the kitchen ladies today – shopping at their tables at the market, jumping rope (Yes! They jumped rope and it was awesome!) and just laughing together. I told them that when we get to Heaven the four of us are going to be great friends and I KNOW we will! It’s amazing to feel this connection with sisters in Christ although we don’t speak the same language. It truly is a beautiful thing!

We spent some time with the kids at the orphanage today and it was bittersweet – loving on them and telling them goodbye even though they can’t understand what we’re saying. I can’t put into words how happy the children are – it’s something you have to see for yourself and it’s truly a gift from God.

Love to you all! Elizabeth, Ellie and Mom, we can’t wait to see you all tomorrow night!





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  1. Aren’t y’all so cute in your matching shirts?! I’m sure Emily was THRILLED about that!! Lol. But your day sounds so fun and exciting! I’m sorry that Em got dehydrated but I’m glad she’s feeling better. I’m just itching to hear all the stories and see all the pictures!! I can’t wait to see y’all and I love you both so much!

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