Church Construction Update 2…

Well it’s now Week 2 and the Foundation is FINISHED!!

On Monday our Women’s Bible Study Group finished up our time together by circling the church site –  singing, praying, and reading scriptures. There’s been an evil presence there and we were calling on God to reign down HIS power & for satan to flee. I love watching these women when they get fired up for Jesus! They put us to shame! They pray with such passion & boldness – so beautiful.

Every morning the men sing together & have devotions before breakfast. There’s something about a group of men praising the Lord that just brings joy to my soul.

Here’s a short clip of one of their devotions. My dad speaks for about 10 minutes but you can’t really hear him so I just took a  snippet of him speaking.

We were hoping to pour the floor/foundation on Tuesday. The problem was we needed to raise it 2 feet to make sure we didn’t have any issues with flooding. So that set us back some in our time.

The congregation and staff were out Wednesday/Thursday – celebrating and participating as we finally poured the floor! I have some great video of how hard & fast they work when it comes to mixing cement and bucketing it to the site.

I love that even though it was SO HOT outside – they were singing and dancing while they worked. There’s so much you can learn from watching the construction crew. It’s really an incredible thing to see when they put their whole-selves – body – spirit – mind – and soul into their work. It’s very inspiring. I don’t know anyone who works harder.

My dad has really been hustling. I’ve been worried about the heat getting to him and I think today it finally did. After a week of working on the site – this afternoon he fell. He’s got little goose-eggs all over his side, skinned his knee, & has his arm now in a sling.

Now here’s the thing again that I love about the Haitians. It’s like everyone froze when they saw him fall. EVERYONE wanted to make sure he was okay. They were hovering over him. Dad sat down on the chair for a while but they kept pushing him to come see me so I could clean him up. He said the only reason why he left was because everyone was focused on him instead of the project so he came to our house so they could get back to work!

That’s one thing about my dad – some people give 100% – – – He gives 500%! Even with his Parkinson’s – he doesn’t really let it slow him down. He’s up at 6am and stays right until they finish working. Last night they worked until 7pm. I’m so glad my children will have these memories of working with papaw on this very important project. They got to see in “live action” the heart & soul my dad puts into his construction projects – the way he leads and encourages – the way all the Haitians love & adore him. (Yeah maybe I’m a little biased but all of it is still true.)

To God Be The Glory – FOREVER and EVER

Here’s a little video clip of them mixing the cement & pouring the floor.

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