Meridian Christian Church~Day 1

Today we arrived at the Mole! It was so exciting to see all of the kind people lining the streets and waving with their big smiles. The 5-person plane ride went well, and I even got to sit in the front seat, playing the role as the “co-pilot”. We pulled up to campus and, of course, all of the adorable orphans were surrounding the gates by the kitchen, smiling from ear to ear. My sweet Naomie gave me a huge hug right when I got off the truck. Playing and laughing with her and all of the other kids was such a fun time. We walked around Mole St Nicholas as a team, and got a tour of the town. We explored up and down the bumpy roads, weaving in between huts and small children. Even though the weather was hot and I was very sweaty, seeing how much joy the Haitians had and how happy they were when you would just say “hello” to them really humbles you. It makes you rethink those negative thoughts about being hot, tired, or hungry. These people have so little materials, but their hearts are so full. I’m excited to see what God has in store for my team and me this week, and I pray that we choose to serve the Haitians every second that we are here!


Taryn King



Arrival at the Mole went beautifully today, and the excitement I experienced only grew from there. It’s so easy to forget about how uncomfortable you are when you see the joy your very presence brings to the people around you. Even the slight claustrophobia from the 5-passenger plane ride was forgotten almost instantaneously. We were very blessed with an amazing breeze as we walked through the village and the weather—though a wee bit toasty—was as beautiful as I’ve seen it yet in this amazing country. My favorite part of the day, however, was when we arrived first at the Mole campus, and the orphans from the orphanage ran up to me, smiling and calling my name—they remembered me from last year! Niederson, one of my best good friends, made sure to let me know that he remembered some of the songs I had taught him and the rest of the boys last year while the girls were at Dance Camp. The night ended with an incredible meal, an awesome worship session with Morgan, one of the interns, and Jody giving a fantastically inspiring and shocking (in one of the best ways) devotional about our purpose as a mission here this week. Today was a great first official day of our mission trip, and I pray that the rest of the week we are able to check our three C’s—countenance, circulation, and clamp (it was part of the devotional)—and be able to fully and humbly be Jesus to those who may not have any other exposure to His Love. Thanks for your support to all of us on this trip through your prayers!


Abby Hampton



  1. Taryn we are so proud of you! It sounds like you are doing great and I just love seeing your smile. So grateful everyone arrived safely! Be safe and serve like you have never served before! I am so glad Naomi remembered you and ran to you! So fun! WE love you honey!

  2. What great arrival stories!! Thanks for sharing Taryn and Abby!! Hug Allie and Julie for me! Lord, use the team to show Jesus to everyone they come in contact with. Open the teams eyes to see you moving and carrying them through the trip.

  3. So happy to hear you made it safely and the flight was smooth! Praying you have a wonderful experience and God uses you just the way he has planned. Love you all.
    Barb Sinke

  4. Hi Tayrn, Aunt Bonnie is praying for you. I love you so much and love that you want to serve the Lord in such a life changing way. Hugs until you return! Aunt Bonnie

  5. Taryn – we are all so proud of you and amazed at what you are doing. Way to go! All the best from Ryan, Kate, Lisa, and I. Talk soon! We love you.

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