Wedding In The Mole…

Tuesday evening at 7pm –  6 couples took the plunge and said “I do”!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! We held the ceremony on top of the church foundation which was covered in white & pink lights! The pictures don’t do it justice. Because of it’s location – people could watch from the street and didn’t have to worry about not having fancy clothes for the ceremony.

Pastor Agenor preached a beautiful sermon about what it means to be a Godly couple. He told them that they are to serve each other. If she washes your clothes than you wash her feet. They are to honor each other and place God first in their lives. It was so wonderful to know that hundreds of people were hearing this message – those that were already married as well as the young guests that attended. This is how we stop the cycle – by reminding everyone what it means to follow God and how He expects us to treat each other.

Those with invitations to the reception – headed to the cafeteria which was decorated in Red, White, & Blue. There they received heaping plates full of food, drinks, & cake!

Those without an invitation to the reception – we invited to hang out with us as we converted the wedding area into a dance floor! Then those that were finished eating were also able to join us as well! The dancing went on until a little after 10pm! A GREAT time was had by all!!

I have been trying to upload videos & photos for 5 days now! This is the best I could do! Special thanks to Diane & the Wedding Team for making this one of the most rememberable nights & for providing 6 couples with the chance to be united in front of God –  and their friends & family.

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