Meridian Christian Church~Day 6

Today was truly a blessing from God. Our team strived to be the face of Jesus and to be the spiritual water that our Haitian friends are thirsting for. In the morning we had community cleanup in the city, around the park area. We got a lot of trash picked up! In the afternoon, we started with women’s ministry. To go off on a tangent, these women are amazing…there’s no other word even close to describing them. They are so full even though they have so many life difficulties; they are willing to open up even though no one usually cares about their lives and they fill me with joy by smiling ear to ear with their beautiful Haitian smiles even though sometimes it is really hard for them to smile. It’s so awesome to be a young women pouring into these ladies because they are so thirsty to dig deeper into their faith. Today we talked about how to “wipe out worry” because we know how easy it is to worry as a woman. At the end of the ministry the women got to take home the “thrive” tree paintings they have been working on all week and they all also got to take home their own personal Creole bible. They absolutely loved it! Later in the afternoon, we celebrated the birth of 35 beautiful orphans. Each orphan decorated their own cupcake…with frosting AND sprinklesJ. They also played with beach balls, bubbles and got to tie-dye a t-shirt at the end of the birthday party. I’m so glad we got the opportunity to show the orphans how much we love them and how much God loves them and how happy we are that God created them just the way they are. Afterwards we had our team bonfire on the beach. As if the crashing of the ocean wasn’t enough, the hot dogs really were a nice addition. It was nice to have a recap of the week and hear Jody speak but we are all very sad that we only have one day left. Goodnight from The Mole!

-Taylor G J

Tonight’s my last night here, as I’m one of the crew heading out tomorrow afternoon earlier than the rest of the group. As I think about the experiences on this trip, what’s been memorable to me are the people I’ve seen and talked with. Haitian Hans (not to be confused with American Hans) has seen me get choked up as we talked about the difficulties of life in Haiti and the limited opportunities for change. Yet he lives every day with the hope he has found in Christ that one day things will be better. Pastor Agenor has shared with me the frustrations of leading the church here in Mole St Nicholas, yet the excitement and joy he feels as he sees the walls of the church building rising up higher and higher each day (the building that MCC funded through our Generosity Offering). I have been in awe of Susan and Emma (interns from our MCC family!), as well as Morgan, Miss Beth, and Tore as I watch them lead and minister here in Haiti. I am struck by the thought that the Kingdom of God is steadily advancing in this world through the efforts of young women willing to go where the Lord’s Spirit leads, efforts that are often unrecognized. And of course, I will remember spending time making crafts with Presley, the orphan that our family sponsors; getting my legs sudsed (is that a word?) and massaged by children dumping bubbles on me; and attempting to make the kitchen women smile when they served me food. God is good. (Love you, Julie, Michael, and Maggie!)

– Jamie W.


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  1. It is absolutely amazing all you have been able to do in a week’s time. It continues to be such a joy to hear the stories you all tell about the many things taking place to bring everyone closer to God. Thank you for the stories and the pictures that help us feel a small part of this journey. We see Ciney has a leg injury, so we pray you are doing well and will heal fast. And we pray that everyone stays healthy and strong to complete your work while you are there. Finish strong and safe travels home. Can’t wait to see you soon! We love you Taylor!!!

  2. SOOooo excited to see all the pictures and read the posts this morning. The smiles, the hugs, the tutus, the children, the heat, the cast!, the connections!!! All so heartwarming! The award for best picture goes to Alison and Sabrina. Keep spreading God’s love and receiving it tenfold. As you return, teach us how to translate these words, feelings and deeds into our daily lives. Travel safely! (What else with the Rich’s try to fly home first class!)OXOX

  3. Love what God is doing in the Mole this week! It’s so great to see the pics along with the updates–thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Missing everyone today. The pictures are wonderful! You are all getting some sun! Or maybe that is God shining so brightly in all of you! Hugs all around again! (Thinking of you today, Shannona, Mom and I will miss you on our outing today! And she is doing well this week!)

  5. I absolutely love your blogs, your pictures and the love that is happening in Haiti! The pictures are so joyful and so full of love. The kissing, hugging, loving and time spent with these Haitians are incredible. They will never forget these days! Thank you so much for serving and giving of your time! God is working in their community and your are all making an incredible difference! Safe Travels as you head home! Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear all the stories!

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