Wolfforth~Day 1

Wolfforth has arrived in the Mole!


The first set of planes arrived just after eight o’clock and the second plane arrived just in time for lunch! We are SO excited to have Wolfforth back in the Mole and cannot wait to see all that God will do in and through them this coming week of ministry. They have already hit the ground running as they immediately headed over to the orphanage upon arrival to love on the kids. They also have already been engaging with the community as they headed downtown tonight to show a movie! They all had a blast laughing and watching the movie with the kids and adults! We will have them blog tomorrow as well as attempt to post some pictures of everyone. Everyone did arrive safe and sound just so all of the Dads and Moms know. They are all off getting ready for bed as they have an early wake up call of 6:30 to head to the fishing village of Kapafu!




NOTE: Please leave your comments of encouragement and updates from home for the group as they minister in the Mole! We do have to approve your comments though so be patient for them to appear on the blog. Thanks!



  1. So glad to hear that your travels were safe. Praying for all of you and all the seeds that you are planting. God is smiling upon all of his disciples.
    Matt’s Momma

  2. Much love to you all!! Missing Tucker, but I can only imagine how the Holy Spirit is moving in your lives and in those you are serving!

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