Reboot, Repack, And Reload!


Well…..we did it!! WOOT!! WOOT! Jose, Asher, & myself are in Miami right now getting ready to board the plane to Haiti!

It’s been a wonderful but exhausting few weeks. We’ve met a lot of great people & were also able to catchup with good friends.

SO – our supplies are all barreled & crated up! I know there are a few places that will be dropping off donations soon but my parents will make sure they get packed and put on our uhaul. So no worries. My parents still have supplies being dropped off daily too.

Saying “Thank you” seems so insignificant compared to what everyone has done for us & this ministry. I wish I could express it more – in some bigger way! But for now I’d like to humbly come before you and tell you how much we appreciate YOU.

We send our heartfelt thanks to:

– The churches & groups who held donation drives
– The individuals who personally reached out to others to share our story
– The people who mailed us boxes of supplies or drove them to Versailles to drop off
-The people who worked with us at the warehouse to pack everything
-The people who made our crates & drove them to Kentucky
-The people who sacrificed financially so that we could repurchase supplies & pay the shipping charges
-The people who flew into Haiti this past week to drop off my children’s school books & orphan gifts so we didn’t have to pay extra shipping charges. 
-The people who purchased supplies and brought them in their group luggage.
-The people who allowed us to mail packages to them to bring into Haiti.
-The people who surrounded us, rallied behind us, and simply loved us
-The people who prayed for the miracle and chose to be a part of it.

This list could seriously go on & on!

This past week I began sharing pictures with the Haitian staff – proof of God’s great provision for this ministry. There were tears & joy. They said satan sank our boat but God raised it from the dead! (you get what we mean).

The battle of good versus evil in this village is unfolding right before our eyes and I can’t wait to see how God uses this tragedy to advance His name here.

As my daughter Malaya says…… Now this village will see God is the biggest!

And we owe all of it to our Father in Heaven & EVERY SINGLE PERSON who chose to reach out and make this story their own.

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  1. Thanks so much for the updates. Seeing the goodness of people donating helps us to remember your needs. May everyone there enjoy the Holidays. Prayers for everyone.

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