A Bride For Bena…

Anyone who has been to the Mole – knows Bena! I’m not just talking about our teams – I mean ANYONE who’s visited here! Seriously – I meet visitors all the time and everyone tells me they have already met Bena. Though our staff had been treated as “outsiders” their first few years here – Bena quickly became a resident! He’s a social butterfly!

My mom took Bena in 35 years ago when she was pregnant with me. The bus had broken down on the side of the road. Bena was there scraping enamel out of a big pan. Everyone in town told them Bena was orphaned and there was no one to care for him. He was one of the first orphans we took in. He’s been my brother ever since.

Bena used to work at the orphanage in Port-de-Paix. He did security. I remember when the COO was happening and the lives of the orphans was in danger. NO ONE would brave the roads to bring them to St. Louis. There were road blocks set-up and everyone was frightened. Not Bena. He’s always where the action is. He happily assisted us in transferring all 100 orphans to our campus in St. Louis where we could better protect them.

When we moved to the Mole – Bena volunteered to go with us. He’s a jack of all traits but master of none!! LOL! He dabbles in generator repair, moto taxi service, electrical repair, plumbing, groundskeeping, dog groomer, & security!

Bena is very protective of my family. He’d give up his life for ours. We just can’t let him yet – as he still struggles with his relationship with Christ. He’s told me before when doing security he’d take a bullet for me….I told him NO!!! NOT YET!!

Bena’s first wife died about 10 years ago. Saturday we celebrated his new love & wedding here on campus! I know my parents, brothers, & sister wished they could be here for this special occasion! I’m so grateful to see the joy return to Bena! I pray that these two will grow closer to Christ as they grow closer to each other.


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