Children’s Church Angels & Birthday Fun!

December is my FAVORITE month to lead Children’s Church. I LOVE to share about the birth of Jesus.

  1. Today we did our Jesus Aerobics to Jingle Bells. (I know – not exactly about the Christmas Story but very fun to dance to & get out those wiggles!)
  2. Then we played a Shoe Game. Everyone had to take off one shoe and put it in a pile. Then we lined the kids into 4 groups.  One by one they had to grab a shoe and find who it belongs to and then tag the next person in line. We did this game with our Women’s Group and fights broke out! Crazy!  BUT the kids actually did great!
  3. Then it was time for the lesson. I shared the story of when the Angel came to Mary.  How she would carry the son of God. How he would be named Jesus.
  4. THEN we made ANGELS!!! I had 12 days of Christmas Crafts (enough for 50 kids each day) on the boat that sank. BUT a special lady (one I had never met before) re-created all the crafts. In fact – her crafts were better than mine!  So the littler kids colored an angel & we taped it to the clothespin. The bigger kids used more materials to create their angel.  You’ll see in the picture. 
  5. Then it was time for coloring sheets. We ran out of paper/ink to print sheets a few months ago. But I was able to find what we needed. It had been so long since they colored –  they spent a good 20 minutes on their paper.
  6. Then we played Angel Tag. The person chasing had a crown on – you know a Halo to go with the story. 🙂 When they tagged the person – the Halo was passed to them. The person who caught them is now finished with the game. So you get to be the Angel – tag someone  – then they’re the angel – until there is no one left to chase.

SO thankful for Susan who leads all our games & activities! She comes up with the best stuff!

Here are some pictures from Children’s Church:



Today is my birthday & my mom’s birthday! I always said I was the best gift she got! 🙂 The children sang to me at church and I’ve had staff stopping by all day long! My kids made cards, got me some cool travel mugs for clinic, wrote on balloons, and baked a cookie cake! Jose surprised me with roses too!! Who knew there was a florist in Haiti?

It’s also the birthday of Mole St Nicolas! Coincidence? I think not!  The streets are full of festivities! School has been out for several days.  Thousands of people are here to celebrate the special day! I like to think they came for me!! LOL! But I know the truth! 🙂

December 2nd was Jose’s birthday! The kids made him breakfast & cards. We had a special dinner & we baked white chocolate cake!

Besides bringing much of the entertainment today – Susan  also had the kids make a special sign for us. She used their fingerprints and made it look like a string of lights! She incorporated my love for lights & my children in one swoop! Straight to the heart! (pic below)

So it’s been a VERY special week for all of us here in the Mole!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!



  1. Jody, ur bday blog made me cry… tears of happiness for u and ur special day/month!! So many sources of God’s joy just for u and ur family!!! It must be days like this that make it all worth it and confirm why u are where u are.😀

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