10 Nights of Christmas Movies

Our Christmas crates arrived this past weekend! Praise the Lord!

Tucked inside those crates were our generator, industrial popcorn machine, Christmas gifts, & large Christmas decorations!

We spent the past two days getting the courtyard ready for our 10 Nights of Christmas Movies Extravaganza!

Last night while we were adding the animated Christmas displays we watched as all the staff came out and stared into the courtyard…. just like a bunch of little kids! We had so much fun laughing with them last night. I love watching them just as much as I do the little ones.

We added a large wreath in front of the church. Friday night we will hold our first “official” celebration service in the church!

We are NEARLY finished with our security fence! Everyone in town loves the way we did it. We have a rock wall that goes up about 4 feet & and then we added an 8ft tall chainlink fence. This allows everyone to see the activities we have going on inside the mission and yet gives us a hedge of protection too! So of course I had to add lights all around the top of the security fence!

Tonight we showed the movie Jingle All The Way. Thanks to our new popcorn machine we didn’t have to work all day long just to provide the bags of popcorn! ALL OF US were really excited about that!

Since we are celebrating our church opening – tonight we gave each person a special gift. We made 4 tubs. One tub had bags of little girl clothes/gifts, one had little boy clothes/gifts, one had women’s clothes/gifts, and then our last one was men’s clothes/gifts. We put them in black bags so no one could see or fight about what they got.

SO – as they left the movie tonight – we passed out the bags based off who the recipient was. Everyone was SO surprised & grateful for the extra bonus gift!

Here are some pictures of our first movie night & all our new decorations!


  1. Praise,Praise Our Heavenly Father, for allowing US to provide the needs and our love for the Alexanders Family, Our hearts and caring are with us all. just a s we Serve Our Father and Savior in this way. To God be All the Glory.’Amen,
    In Christ, Diana, Also known as The PUERTORRICAN FFRECRACKER.

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