New Year’s Trip Day 4 & 5…

Greetings to all you wonderful people;


We are so encouraged by your prayers and encouraging words. It’s definitely been an adventure for each one of us on the team. Just entering the country has opened the eyes, ears and hearts to a culture full of sights, sounds, and conditions that many will never truly understand.


Today is day five of our mission experience and the third day of VBS we had a lesson on the Triumphal Entry, through the crucifixion of Christ. We had the Lord touch the hearts of the children and the team. We have averaged in the 90’s for children attending children until today. We had about 70 youngsters. I believe it may have been because of the magnificent late night New Years celebration. We had lights, many visitors from town, a local soccer game on the grounds, and even the first church service in the new building. God is so good to allow The Chapel to be a part of the excitement.


Tomorrow we will finish up with the Resurrection and celebrate the empty tomb. Jesus is alive!!! Later it’s a birthday party for Jesus and sharing the shoebox gifts that everyone sent. It will be exciting.


The children are soaking up the love of all especially of our Selah, Hannah, Jasmine, Genesis, and Kelilah. It’s amazing to watch the girl’s heart and love bloom in ways they haven’t experienced in such transforming ways. I have been amazed at how the Lord has touched the hearts of each of us in ways not expected.


We are all doing well and learning about God’s will for ministering His grace and love with our new Haiti friends. The translators have been so kind, patient and helpful in working with us and looking out for us newcomers.


We enjoy hearing your comments and receiving you love from home. You are all dearly missed by each of us! Oh, a shout out to Sandy G., & family from Lauren she is well and really does miss her family. Kari G., Selah is well and a true blessing to the orphans here. The ladies in the dorm are looking out for each other and experiencing some new found independence as well as responsibilities. Micaiah & family your are truly being missed and love & kisses are awaiting you on Mommy

& Daddy’s return. Daddy is especially missing his little man! Jaimi, JD is missing you so much. He is working very hard and can’t wait to share stories & see all of you soon. The little ones here love him and keep him so busy with highfives and jumping on him every chance they get. Mike & Austin are well and received your letters. All letters were received safely. Philemon has had a chance to talk with some of the teen boys and it’s great to hear his analogies of the stories. I don’t mean to exclude anyone but it’s getting late and we have a full day tomorrow.


To my Bock, Brock gang I send my love and just want you to know you are loved and missed greatly! Tell Pops I miss him and will see him soon. XO XO. We made it safe and I even was able to ride on a small Cessna plane to arrive on the island. It was amazing! I have been so blessed with answered prayer. Nikki, all is well. Stop worrying. This opportunity is simply amazing!!!!


To all of you families and church we love you and please continue to lift us up in your prayers. We will finish what God has started in our journey and share when we arrive next week. Until then may His blessing be many and your hearts filled with His mercy and grace.



Because He said “Go”… Love & prayers

Sonya B. & The Haiti Team ;D


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner each night. We are having trouble uploading pictures. Sorry there aren’t more.



  1. Hannah,
    Jacob D: Mom, is Hannah a grown up?
    Marianna: No, she is a missionary.
    After we finished laughing my heart melted.
    I love and miss you. So happy you are living your dream!!!

  2. Good day to you all! It is Saturday morning and I just read your posts and looked over the great pics. I pray you have a great day. Love you and miss you Lauren G and I’m so proud of you. Take care.
    Sandy G

  3. We are enjoying all the photos you post and of course the stories you share. God is so good! We continue to pray for you all. May God give you all an extra boost of strength in the last few days as you minister there. Mike and Austin we love you!

  4. What?!? They got a grill?!? Matt is able to grill on a mission trip AND enjoy a gorgeous beach…..

    So glad to hear everyone got the letters, love and relationships are being built!! All sounds so awesome!!

    In prayer!!

  5. And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15

    We are so proud of everything you are doing. It touches my heart to see the wonderful pictures and words.

    Love to everyone! Selah, we miss you!

  6. Happy New Year!

    It’s finally starting to feel like winter here in Florida. *yay* sadly its given some of us a nasty headcold ><
    I'm really missing my buddies and can't wait to hear all the awesome stories you'll have!

    Hannah- They've made progress on Saint Greg lol thought you'd like to know cause its one of your pet peevs.
    Can't wait for your next post ^_^


  7. Dear Mike and Austin,
    Praying for you guys today that you are both well and enjoying all that God has planned for you. Looks like a fun place to be serving the Lord, when God calls us to serve Him He also equips us to do the job. Praying for your whole team. Looking forward to more pictures.
    Love, Mom, Granny

  8. So glad to hear that things are going so well!!! Sending lots of love and prayers your way!!! May God continue to bless and encourage u all to keep fighting the good fight!!!
    Love u so much Moe!!! (Sonya Bock)

  9. These posts bring happy tears to my eyes! I am SO happy for all of you! Thank you for all the pictures! Jazzy Girl, I love you <3

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