Intense Flooding Last Night…

Around 11:30pm – after an hour of POUNDING rain – we got a knock on the door that the campus wasn’t just flooded…. but that our staff & orphans were in serious trouble.

A river ran through the staff homes – taking their dishes, clothing, and belongings out their door, through the courtyard, and into the street. The river raged so heavy through their homes that we were unsure we would be able to carry them to safety. The dump truck was parked by the shakoon. Staff  held onto the side of it while they carried everyone to safety – otherwise the current would have carried them away.

Most of the staff are bloody & bruised this morning from falling down so much as they tried to help our orphans and their children find refuge. Seeing our staff women cry out to Jesus as even THEY were carried to safety brought tears down all of our faces. 

Pastor Agenor called us around 1am after waking up to several feet of water in his home. He brought his family here to seek shelter. Several others showed up at our gates throughout the morning but we didn’t have any dry places to keep them 🙁

We are devastated this morning as we assess the damage on campus… and in town. But we are thankful more than anything that no one was seriously injured.

In a town that rarely floods – they’ve seen more destruction in one month than they have in 16 years according to the mayor.

As you look at the pictures you will see all the rocks…. understand our campus doesn’t have rocks. They washed down the mountain and covered our courtyard. The mud that you see on campus- it was a grassy area before. Neither the orphans or the staff can return back to their homes to sleep in. The orphans have been with Susan & Beth since midnight.

There are a few pictures below of gaping holes in the road. The pictures where you see all the rocks on their road – those rocks don’t belong there either. We paved the downtown about 2 years ago. We’ve come across about a dozen homes where the corners of their foundations are just gone. The roads are impassable so we weren’t able to assess the whole village.

The pictures of the beach you see – that’s the “nice” French Beach/Bar. Those of you who’ve been here – know how beautiful that area was. They lost their retaining wall – most of their sand – and there’s a river running through the restaurant area.

Right now as I type – it’s POURING down rain again. Our campus was a place where people could come to find shelter in the storms but that’s not the case today.

I am again humbled and honored by your prayers. Last night as my heart was racing – there was also a peace knowing so many were praying us through it.

We have a supply truck that is stranded – been stranded for 4 days now. It’s full of food and supplies. Our fear is that the stuff will never make it here – it will get ruined or stolen as people are in desperate need this side of Jean Rebel.

We also lost water last night. It’s normally a week or so before they get the pipes fixed and the water back on. This makes for a miserable time when it comes to bathing – or even trying to clean up the mud.

Please continue to pray for the people of the Mole – and especially for the children in the Mole. I know our orphans and my children are very nervous right now. I can imagine the fears that every home faced last night as their world was turned upside down yet again.


FYI: We had a team that was going to arrive tomorrow in the Mole from New York. For family and friends waiting on word – please know they landed safely in Port-au-Prince. We just explained to Peter what happened last night and we are sending them to our main campus in St. Louis du Nord where they will host them for their trip. The team is in great spirits. That campus is large, dry, & they have wonderful ministries happening. This is where I grew up. They’re in great hands. 


  1. Jody, Beth, Jose and those in your care. We are so sorry to hear about more water and intense flooding in the Mole. I know you have faced so much over the past year and this is one more challenge that you could have lived with out. We don’t know God’s plan, but I have no doubt and I know you all know that God is on your side. We will continue to help in anyway we can.

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