The Start of Our December…

After a very long & hard November  – we are looking forward to a Joyful December!

Our Week in Rewind…

  • On Sunday we secured a tractor & dump truck. It hauled off 30 loads of dirt & rock… which was dumped on our campus 3 weeks ago when we had our last flooding.
  • On Monday we began aggressively cleaning all along the security walls – by the school, church, & clinic. We also started rebuilding the fences that were destroyed in the last storm.
  • On Wednesday we began putting our large wire Christmas Displays up! Our main courtyard is full of gingerbread men playing sports, Santa in different modes of transportation, & other fun Christmas displays.
  • Yesterday we began to decorate in-between our Clinic & Church. We have Mary on a donkey riding to Bethlehem – along with an outline of Bethlehem. Then on the other side of that  – there’s the Nativity Scene & a Church Scene with carolers.
  • Today we started decorating the church. We have a tree on stage & are placing white lights in & around the church.

We still have about hundred strands of lights to place around the campus – but our Winter Wonderland is beginning to take shape. I’ll have pictures soon. 

Tonight we wanted to do something special for our core staff. We wanted to show them that we care – and we also wanted to award them with extra funds for their families. Everything is SO expensive right now. With the roads still being blocked – the bigger supply trucks still can’t make it through.

So we invited the staff and their families to come tonight at 6pm to play Family Bingo! We had 62 people come! We gave money for participation & as prizes. As some of them left tonight -they hugged me and thanked me. They said they didn’t know how they were going to feed their family this weekend… but we just created a way.

We have a dozen MORE homes selected for repairs – some haven’t started, others are mid-way,  and a few are completed. I’ll have pictures soon. The biggest issue is trying to get our hands on cement and block.  We are buying everything out as soon as it comes  – and STILL can’t keep up with the demands.

Please keep praying for God to open the roads. We have 400 boxes of rice & beans plus 300 tarps that have been trying to get here since early November. Only motos & smaller vehicles with 4-wheel drive have been making it between here and Port-de-Paix.

Here are a few pictures from our clean-up and Family Bingo!  Lord Willing – we will have a dry month ahead of us – AND –  I’ll have lots of great posts about our other December Festivities!



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