Thank You Hampton Roads International Montessori School

The Mole experienced torrential rain for nearly 3 months straight. Even now when the rain begins to fall – our hearts begin to race.  Our orphans have been traumatized by the experience… well honestly we all have. 

Three weeks ago we had a Post-Traumatic-Stress Debriefing with Will Walls from Christian Mission Fellowship. For nearly 3 hours our core staff shared their feelings, memories, & anxieties –  together in a group session.  I know this is something we will need to repeat in a few months as we try to heal together.

Our orphans share the same struggles and fears as the adults. There were at least 6 occasions where our orphans woke up to water all around them and they had to be moved out of their beds and into a safer location. These 35 children were moved multiple times – soaking wet – often with water up to their chest –  in the pitch black of night.

There was a sweet young girl who heard about the suffering of our children AND decided she wanted to do something special to leave an impact. So she and her mother took our story and shared it with her classmates.

The Hampton Roads International Montessori School then took it upon themselves to make a difference…  to remind these children that they are loved, seen, and prayed for.

The school shared the names, pictures, & ages of all our orphans and divided them out between classrooms. Together the children bought supplies, colored pictures, wrote notes, & created individual bags for each child.

This past Friday night we gathered the children for a “special” movie night! Before the movie started we told the kids all about these sweet American children who came together on their behalf.  They were grinning from ear to ear! They couldn’t believe that there were children in another country who cared so much about them – –  children they’ve never even met.


On Sunday we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the girls looked at church… that’s because they were showing off all the cool hair accessories they got on Friday night!

Thank You Hampton Roads International Montessori School for reminding these children how much they are loved!






  1. What a beautiful gift Hampton Roads gave these sweet children. Loved each child had a bag with their name on it – gave me a chance to see Sondley. Gifts from the heart! ❤😊

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