Texas Tech… Day 7


Its ya bois, Bullett, Maddux, and Chris coming at ya live from The Mole St. Nicholas. Shout out to Kelly who just bought Maddux and I a DRANK.

So here’s the thing. Last night was the best night of my (maddux and bullett and chris) life. Chris and Brad’s fan croaked, leaving them hot yes hot! So after minutes of deliberation and prayer, as well as fasting, we decided to have a sleepover in Brady, Bullett, and Maddux’ tent. Let me tell you, five is so much better than three. Boy I tell you what, there is so much brotherly love in the Mole.

6:30 am: It rained. Maddux woke up.

6:42: I awoke(Chris) and touched Bullett’s knee.

7:45.: Bullett awoke.

We ate oatmeal. It was oatey. Bullett never had oatmeal before. He was not pleased with the offering. Chris and Maddux wept.

After our morning meal (breakfast), we all went our separate ways to be the hands and feet of our lord and savior Jezi Christe.

Bullett- After our morning meal, I led our construction team fearlessly into battle against the rocks. Who was on my team you may ask? Well, it was Khalil, (shout out to Tyann) Brad, Cole, Kelly, Beccah, Ashley Kate and myself (who was the leader). Anyways we leveled some boulders that were being used as a foundation for (Jodi please put what this building will be even though we just asked Boss Kelli). Then we moved millions of pieces of sand from one pile to another to be used for concrete mix. After that we hauled it at least 7 miles (or 200 yards) to help put in some fence posts, it was hard work but we enjoyed every second of it. We ate lunch and got fueled up for the rest of our day.

Chris- After partaking of grains and sugars in the early hours, I was in charge of the all-important task of peeling labels off of medicine bottles to be reused in the pharmacy. In a flash of brilliance that I suspect was similar to Einstein’s discovery of E=MC^2, I realized if I soaked the bottles in water, the labels would be easier to remove. I made the fearful journey into the kitchens to ask the very nice women there for a bowl. They did not understand my words. I did not understand them. I took a bowl anyways. The water did not help with the labels but it washed my tears away as I scraped labels for hours. Pray for me.

Maddux- After stuffing beige-coloured mush into my mouth for half an hour, I said to my stomach: “Time to digest!” Little did my stomach know that it was also time for me to start my day at the clinic. Good thing I learned over the years how to digest and ball out at the same time! Honestly though the clinic was so great to be a part of. Getting to help tangibly meet a real need while showing Christ’s love is what I love to do, so I just absolutely loved it. Very thankful.

Unbeknownst to our wee minds, we had a whole second half of the day to experience as well! How exciting!

For the afternoon the whole group had the opportunity to be united under our leadership as we sallied forth on our noble steed (taptap(big truck)) to the village of Savane Mole for our conference. Water drops wetting our facial hair(s), we joined the village at the church. Soooooooo many people showed up despite the rain, which was refreshing and encouraging. We began with a VBS for everyone, which we delegated to Shannon and her underlings (Tatum, Kelly, Alyssa, Caroline, Kristen). They taught excellently, and the people really appreciated the lesson and bracelets.

Then we went outside for a hot potato-dance party fusion. The old ladies of Savane Mole really know how to break it down. After the merrymaking we split the olders and youngers. The youngers played games and cuddled in the puddles. The olders hung out in the church with us. We delegated speaking roles to Amelia, who talked about us being God’s unique creations. Hayden and Abby spoke after her and seriously killed it. Literally they did so good. The beautiful villagers received the messages very well and we are excited to return tomorrow. Their pastor, Samyel, was really thankful we visited them and even gave us a big ole bag of peanuts as thanks. Our people rejoiced. Especially Al.

On the way back, dat boi Brady was careless as could be and threw his hat to the wind, reflecting his cares. We had to halt the procession of our steed so Randy could embrace his foolishness and retrieve his hat from the mud. He didn’t make it back… until five minutes later. What a rush.


10:35 pm: It is still raining. My hand(Chris) rests upon Bullett’s knee. The night is almost done.

10:36: Revising this draft.

10:37: Busting a phat chill.

Brodudes Out.

Shoutout to our loves. <3

PS: Everyone is healthy!



  1. Hey Chris! Love your blog today! Here’s what you missed. Your bracket is totally in the lead. This means you will win a HUGE PRIZE! Beth decided she really loves Emerson and we are trading dogs. We eating some really cool food with your favorite veggies – eggplant and potatoes. Seriously they are good. Anyway- we miss you and missed having your brain working on the cat puzzle. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Panda Day! Here is a video for you. http://people.com/pets/national-panda-day-cute-panda-videos/

  2. Shout out to my girl Kelsey for wearing that awesome skirt, you’re killing it! ❤

    Thank you for keeping us updated on what the Lord is doing in and through y’all in the most hilarious ways. This just makes me happy.

  3. This is the funniest blog post yet, boi. 😂 So glad things are going well. Sounds like God is moving in the hearts of the team and the people you’re ministering to. We love the pictures! It’s wild how I stalk the blog to see my girl Bekah. Praying for you all! Proud of your sacrifice and service. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip. Much love and prayers. Les and Sue Hall

  4. One more…that’s Wild!! Praying for your safety as you begin to make your journey back home! Pray the bus ride is smooth and that you all stay together and you make all your connections together! So proud of each and everyone of you. May God continue to bless you all! Love you bunches Ty!

  5. BullDawg:
    Still interceding on your behalf for the fire to become more lit than ever before. Amen? Amen. Hope your mission to kiss Albus’ head as much as possible is going precisely as planned. I can’t wait to squeeze you tender and eat some tastee foodz with you. **KISSY FACE**KISSY FACE**KISSY FACE**

    Miss your face. I’m happy for you to be doing missionz with your father that’s pretty cool actually. Praying that your handz and feetz are bless’d. Also, may the Lawd annoint those lovely locks of yours to have healing powers and to draw people to the throne of JC.

    Gossip Girl
    (Matt Martinez)

    PS to Albus:
    **fist bump**

  6. Praying for high energy and compassion over the team. Love y’all.

    P.s. @bullett I passed my test

    P.s.s. Sadthefireisnotlityet

  7. Hayden – looks like you’ve still been able to stay sunburn free☀️!!

    Keep it up, spread the Word & enjoy the time remaining in Haiti!!

    Have a safe trip home!!

    Love you,


  8. Praying for Bullett to be free from the shackles of a life without oatmeal-love. I know for a fact that Randy’s favorite comfort food is a big ol’ bowl of oatmeal, so maybe Randy could counsel Bullett in these matters.

    Kelsey Harding, I barely recognize you in these photos without your signature cardigan look. Those skirts look mighty comfy though…should we add them to our comfort-approved wardrobe? Do some of those jazzercise moves I taught you and let me know if they make the cut.

    Chris, I’m glad to hear that everyone is healthy. I was a little worried that your stomach would get all sorts of jacked up while you’re there, but then I was comforted to know that Khalil is the go-to guy for those sorts of issues. Bless him. See you soon & love you lots.

    – Beth

  9. So great to hear about what the group is doing. I’m a bit late in figuring out this whole blog thing and getting notes back to you all. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Kelly, since you aren’t on Facebook you missed some wonderful pictures of Aunt Sue’s 70th and The South Side Irish Parade in Chicago. You were missed. Tonight we are gathering at Kacy’s for dinner since Granny is in town for Nikki’s wedding shower. I love seeing your pictures and hope everyone is feeling well. The pictures show a lot of love!! Keep up the good work.

  10. Hey Haiti Team….
    Love, love, love the photos…they are priceless.
    Kelsey, your photo is the one that popped up first on the blog, oh how I just love your picture with that sweet child, it is so good! That is a keeper and a memory maker right there. The photo with Shannon is great, I would love to know what she heard to make that fun face!
    The pictures convey such deep affection and love for the Haitans and for each other. It gives me such joy to see your passion and tenderness to the people who live in the third largest country in the Caribbean and where voodoo is the practicing religion.
    I hope your day was good and blessed and your enjoying every minute of your time there.
    Thank you for your devotedness to spending a week in Haiti.
    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13
    Love to all,

  11. Shannon, I’m not seeing enough pictures of your sweet face! Soak it all in and tell me everything when you get back. Text me when your back on US soil. Love you so much!

  12. Hayden,

    Happy St. Patrick’s day to one of my favorite Irish reds! I miss you so much! I’m super proud of all that you are doing! But once again I miss you! Love you to the moon and back!

    Ps…The Quiet Man is not the same on St. Patty’s day without you!

  13. Hi Brad and the Wesley group! We have enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the pictures. It looks like you all are keeping busy and sharing your talents and love. We are praying for safe travels back (especially the bus ride)! Cannot wait to hear your stories when you return. We are so proud of you and the team. Love Mom, Dad and Laura <3

  14. Ashley Kate-
    I hope you have gotten my messages. Mandy & Audie took the kids to the zoo today. Rest of us had lunch at Casa with Mamaw & Paps. Saw your Mom, Dad & Abby!! I fixed supper and took to Wingate. Mamaw made her chocolate cake.😍 They leave tomorrow. Mamaw cried tonight.😢 Hope your day was richly blessed and that you were a special blessing!! “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12
    ❤ you infinity! Mrs. Pritch
    PS: The big beluga 🐋 sends his 😘😍❤!!!

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