Fowler Group Day 6…

Hello to everyone back in the states! Today was another amazing day in Haiti. We started out the day with a nice warm hike to one of Susan’s special needs students, Mack-Edens. He lives up by the mountain and everywhere I looked I saw a new, beautiful piece of nature. To our right were the beach and the ocean.

On our left was a mountain covered in green due to the huge amount of rain that we have received. When we arrived to Mack-Eden’s house, his family was very welcoming to us. We pulled out coloring books and just colored and loved on the family for about an hour. It was all going well and then the refreshing rain started again and Mack-Eden’s mom said that we should go because she didn’t want us to be uncomfortable.

This made me kind of sad because we totally could’ve sat out the rain because we’ve been used to it. But because we wanted to make her happy, we started the walk back down the mountain. We ended up taking Mack-Edens back to the mission because we were planning on taking Susan’s students to the beach.

Right as we got back to the mission the rain started pouring. Our plan for the day was to have the last day of Emma’s dance competition, and to take the kids to the beach. As the rain continued to fall, we decided to call off the competition until tomorrow. Some kids still showed up. They showed up cold, and wet, but still super joyful so we took them to the cafeteria and covered them in towels and sweatshirts.

Shortly after we called off the contest, the sky cleared and it stopped raining, so we decided to walk over to the orphanage and hang out with the kids. This made me super excited because I haven’t been able to play with them for two days. One of the best things about Haiti is walking to the orphanage and having a bunch of grinning kids come up to you to play.

So I picked one up and put him on my shoulders, then held another one to my chest. In about two minutes they both wanted to go jump rope so I let them go. One of the girls on our trip told me to put one of the kids on my shoulders. He was pretty sad and cranky today so I was a bit hesitant at first. I couldn’t see his face, but people were telling me that he was smiling and laughing. We were playing this game where I would lean back, and then forward, then right, then left. It was an easy thing for me to do but apparently it made this awesome kid’s day.

After we played, we walked over to the cafeteria to eat. We had an awesome meal of spaghetti and garlic bread. We also had some purple cool-aid that supposedly had ants in it, but hey that’s more protein for us. After we ate we had our devotional and decided who would blog tonight and it turned out to be me. So here I am closing out this blog. Thanks for reading this far and thank you for all of the prayers and thoughts to all of us here in Haiti.



  1. Fowler group!! Ahhh thanks for the shout outs this week. Y’all are amazing and I’m wishing I could be there with you! Abbey, hope you found the pillow case that was left behind 😉 Hang in there, y’all rock and it was super great to meet you!

    s/o Jody and Jose, Susan, Ms. Beth, and all the kids. Asher, if you hear this, I hope you’re still dominating the ping pong table. Gabe and Levi, try not to play too much MineCraft and try to stay out of trouble.

    Much love,
    -Abby from the Texas Tech group

  2. Michael James… I am so proud of you! You’ve always been an amazing kid (except years 3-13) but you are doing things that I never thought you would. God is in you and using you to show His love to others. I can not wait to hear more about this amazing experience! I love you! – Mom

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