Michigan 2017… Last Day

I cannot believe that our week is already coming to a close, we have all grown closer together, closer to this community and closer to God.

This morning started off with a delicious breakfast before we were all sent off into different directions for the day. One group took off on foot towards the fishing village of Karenage for a village devotional and praying with the locals. A lot of t-shirt braids were made and almost every finger nail was painted, yes boys too. Everyone was so excited that we were there talking about God and his word, we sang songs and talked about his work.

On the walk back we stopped in the French fort and got a little history lesson from Matt. While group number one was out having fun in town, there was another group who helped out in the clinic today filling prescriptions and talking with those who were waiting to get checked out. When we all gathered for lunch, we all spent a lot of money buying gifts from the locals. All the handmade crafts, baskets and paintings were so amazing, we couldn’t stop buying!!

After we emptied our wallets we took the orphans to the beach and wow do those kids really love the water, I believe they are all fish at heart. But at the end of their fun, they were shivering from the cold which was funny because we all loved to be wet from the ocean and not from our own sweat.

After all of our ocean fun, it was time for a beach picnic and devotional with the gorgeous sun setting over the beautiful ocean and rest of Haiti. God’s creations are really amazing and breathtaking. It is truly heartbreaking that our week has come to an end so fast, but we touched so many hearts with the word of the lord that our tears tomorrow won’t be from sadness, but of happiness knowing that we changed the lives of others and got them closer to the lord. It will be hard to say goodbye to the orphans, but knowing when we return in the future they will have grown so much makes us all so happy. We pray for safe travels home tomorrow and are all super excited to share our stories and love with our family and friends. Love to all!!

Coughlin clan, much love, see you all soon. There will be a ton of hugs, cries and laughs! Super excited to share my stories! Also bubba better be getting ready for leadership camp!! – Carlee jo


  1. So beautifully written Carlee Jo! Can’t WAIT to see your smiling face and hear about your adventures and wonderful friends you have met. Love you to the moon and back!! ❤️💕❤️

    1. Awesome Carlee Jo!! What an amazing experience and how lucky they all are to have experienced a week with your smiling face!! Safe travels home!

  2. Carlee, so very proud of you. E love you so much. Can’t wait to see you again soon.❤❤❤

  3. Carlee, sounds like you’re having a life-changing experience. I’m so proud of YOU!!

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