Help Us Trade Their Sorrows For The Joy Of The Lord!

Last year Hurricane Matthew and the subsequent flooding devastated our community. We give God glory that Hurricane Irma only caused minimal wind damage in our area.

Our campus evacuated with our 35 orphans to a hotel in the mountains. It was an extra expense we weren’t planning on – but it provided a lot of peace to our staff and children. Last year we woke-up to chest high flooding and had to swim to save our kids and staff. We take Hurricane Warnings very seriously now.  This season has already been incredibly active – so please pray that Haiti will stay out of harm’s way.  

While this time of year is now associated with panic and fear… it doesn’t have to stay that way.  I desperately want this season to be full of JOY – full of GREAT expectation! Only God can redeem our pain – but I certainly would love to have a hand in helping them trade their sorrows!

We need your help to make this Christmas Season one they’ll never forget!

Here are all the ways your donations can bring JOY this year!

10 Nights Of Christmas Movies 550.00

Last year our church was filled to capacity with hundreds of Haitian adults and children joining us each night for a movie and popcorn! At random times during these 10 nights – we surprised them with bags of rice and beans! On Christmas Eve we watched the Nativity Story and passed out PB sandwiches and hot chocolate! Help us buy rice, beans, and popcorn in Haiti for this event!


Christmas Eve Meal – 350.00

On Christmas Eve at noon we will invite 200 elderly folks from the community to join us for a hot meal! We try to make this a meal to remember offering goat, rice, beans, and vegetables. Help us buy this amazing meal for these sweet, precious folks!


Youth Christmas Party – 300.00

Most of our worker’s aren’t able to afford Christmas for their children. Last year we held a Secret Kindness Competition with their children. (This is something we do every year with the parent but have never done with their kids).

They each drew a name and had to perform 3 acts of kindness without getting caught! Then one month later we gathered together for a feast and everyone guessed who had his or her name. If they were correct – they won a prize. If they were incorrect – then the person who drew their name won a prize!

This was an incredible distraction after the hurricane that brought so much joy last year. We would love to do it again this year and invite even more to participate.


Christmas- New Year’s Revival – 500.00

Help us ring in the New Year! After our 10 Nights of Christmas Movies – we will begin a 5-night Revival that will end with a special New Year’s Eve cookout and celebration! We want to purchase hats, blow horns, party supplies, and food for 200 adults and 300 children to celebrate.


Fireworks – 500.00

I mean how can you ring in the New Year without Fireworks? We have the only fireworks in our northwest zone and the folks look forward to celebrating every year!


Pumpkin Soup For New Years – 2000.00

On New Year’s Eve our ladies work through the night cooking the traditional Pumpkin Soup that is shared with the neighborhood! This is Haiti’s biggest Holiday  – their Independence Day – January 1st!  Help us buy the supplies to provide this traditional meal for 200 children in the Mole, for the villagers of Karenage, and the villagers of Preskul.


Annual Boat Shipment – 8000.00

Our boat sank in 2015. Almost a year to the day in 2016- Hurricane Matthew hit the Mole and the flood destroyed many of those newly shipped supplies. While we try to purchase the majority of our supplies in Haiti to help their economy – there are many things that are difficult to find or extremely expensive.

These supplies serve the Mole St Nicolas Campus including our orphanage, clinic, staff, and ministries. They are purchased with the hope they will last us a year. The boat is in Miami now and the supplies are being crated and driven to Miami this week.


Help us Make A Difference For Struggling Families:

  • Chicken: $15.00 – Chickens are from Jamaica and guaranteed to lay an egg every day for 3 years.
  • Goat: $70.00 each – We like to buy male/female so they can mate and families can sell their babies.
  • Donkey: $170.00 – They can be rented out to carry water, supplies, etc.
  • Bag of rice: $35.00// $50.00 for larger bag
  • Bag of beans: $50.00//$80 for larger bag
  • 1 Gallon of Medication – tylenol, cough/cold, iron, anti-diarrheal, scabies, worms, antacid – average of $30/jug



If you would like to support our efforts to make this season that much brighter for our Mole Community – Click here for the Online Payment Center  **Please mark: Mole Christmas in the notes section…or you can also specify which event you’d like your funds to go towards.  

Or mail checks to:
7301 N Georgetown Rd
Suite 190
Indianapolis, IN 46268
**Please mark: Mole Christmas in the notes section…or you can also specify which event you’d like your funds to go towards.  

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