Christmas Eve Service 2017…

On Christmas Eve – we finished-up our 10 Nights of Christmas Movies with the Nativity Story. But the night was about more than showing a movie.  We all came together to celebrate the birth of Jesus! We opened our gates around 5:30pm and started at 6pm.

As part of their Christmas gift to their Nana & Papaw – – my kids had a surprise performance to kick-off our Christmas Eve Service.

Rosie and Izzy started us off with the Christmas Clap! Levi “played” Deck the Halls on the piano. Asher and Gabe choreographed their own routine to Jingle Bell Rock. AND Malaya & Mikela finished it off with an upbeat dance from Kirk Franklin! They were cute and the crowd was definitely happy and entertained!

After their little show – we sang and my dad led the devotional. The Dames group sang a special and so did the orphans. We also shared refreshments with the crowd before starting the movie.

We made 850 peanut butter sandwiches which we handed out with hot chocolate. There were a few dozen left – so that’s roughly 800 people in attendance! It was a great crowd – it was a great night! May God receive ALL the GLORY!


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