Fowler Group Day 1 & 2…

Happy Easter from Mole St Nicolas Haiti.  We started the day at sunrise with a 6:00 am service at the Mission’s church.  It is always interesting to experience a worship service in another language and another culture.  Even though we could not understand the sermon or event or words to the songs, we knew we were celebrating the resurrection and worshiping the same God together.  It’s a powerful experience and a great reminder that we are brothers and sisters with the Haitians through Jesus.

After church we had a leisurely morning. We got settled in our quarters and unpacked (some of us caught up on the sleep that was lost when we left from our Miami hotel at 4:00am).  We had Haitian spaghetti for lunch – a favorite of many returning team members.  We had Creole lessons at the beach after lunch – the most beautiful classroom any of us has ever experienced.

Our luggage arrived in the late afternoon and we unpacked supplies and prepared for a day of ministry.  This evening we were the guests of the Castillo family at their house.  They cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill and we had a relaxing evening.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of the parenting class and an Easter Party for the children who had good attendance during the past year at church.  Some of us will do hut to hut visits and work with the special needs ministry.  We are looking forward to getting started on the planned ministry projects we brought and whatever opportunities that come our way.

All are safe and rested and happy to have experienced Easter in Haiti!



  1. Blessings to all of my US and Haitian friends. We pray for a fruitful week as you share, minister to and love on the Haitian community and NWHCM staff. Always wish we we there also.
    His and kisses to all the kiddos from Mr Tom and Ms Sharon.
    Gideon says hello to Izzy😊

  2. Love your “classroom” under the tree at the beach! May you learn all God wants you to on this mission trip! And may He get the glory! Praying you are rested up and ready to go and do what God prepared in advance for you!

  3. Glad to hear you all arrived safely in Haiti!! What a beautiful place to experience the joy of Easter!! Praying for you all this week! BTW, Addison, Michigan is playing tonight for the national championship!! Go Blue!!

  4. The outside classroom is beautiful, of course. I miss Haiti and wish I was there learning from the people of Haiti. May God bless all of you for the work you are doing this week!


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