Fowler Group Day 4…

Hello all!

Today was a full day of ministry on campus and in the Mole.  The clinic was open and saw 25 patients. Several team members assisted Lauren & Jody learning the process and ministry that goes on to serve the community’s medical needs.  During clinic we stopped and observed a funeral procession that was passing by on the street outside.  Kenson’s community band played in the procession that included several hundred people moving from town to the cemetery.

After lunch, I was able to accompany Susan and Nancy on a home visit of a young blind boy in the special needs class.  He lives with his aunt and uncle who brought chairs out into the courtyard near their home to visit with us.  When asked what they hoped he would be able to do, his aunt replied “I want him to be able to read.”  I was touched by her hopefulness, by their attentiveness to his needs, their parenting skills and their warm hospitality.

The highlight of my day was the stop we had to make on the way back to deliver some supplies to the campus nurse in her home.  She had a baby girl yesterday and invited us in to see her!

When you tell people you are going to Haiti, the first things that come to mind are often negative, which is understandable-there is a lot of hardship and darkness here. But there’s also a lot of Jesus – please pray for this mission, they are bringing much light and glorifying the Father daily!



PS I know Michigan doesn’t have a National Championship basketball team this year (I feel ya, Michigan…I’m a Kansas fan), BUT y’all have some champions on this team in the Mole this week. I’ve enjoyed serving alongside them!


Sorry….not a lot of pictures today! It was a wonderfully busy day for all!

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  1. LORD, I pray in agreement with this post…..that those serving on this trip, and the Haitians that live there, would all be filled with the Light of your Love. Father, you supply for all our needs. Give strength and hope and love through this team of amazing soldiers for your Kingdom. And may joy accompany them each and every day! In Jesus Name, Amen

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